Monday, March 18, 2013

Coffee drip needed

Oh hai.  Look at us.  We are so cute. You probably can't get enough of this cuteness.  So we'll help you out.  How do you ask? Well for starters I’ll cuddle up thisclosetoyou at night while caressing your face with my feet. Some may call this the ultimate sign of affection.  And you know all that sharing talk we go through every single day? We're putting that talk into practice tonight  It's a two way street so don't you go thinking you’re keeping that pillow all to yourself.  Why do you think pillows are so wide? For two heads, obvi. 

And that eyes wide open, huge smile, ready to start the day wakeup call from Teagan at 520am? The  forty minute struggle to get her back down? The fear you felt that when I too woke up? The praying to all things wholly for me not to cry and beg to be picked up as well?  Methodically planned by yours truly. 

And just to serve as another reminder of how cute we are we will hold hands. 

Enjoy that coffee.  You're going to need it today.

ain't no one got time to sleep through the night

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