Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Months!

Happy 5 months, Teagan Noelle!

I'm 5 months old already?!
5 months in and we still have the happiest babe on the planet.  At the zoo this past weekend I caught many zoo-goers smiling at Teagan and when I looked at her I saw her smiling right back.  Teagan loves laughing, especially when you eat her belly, and when Parker throws a tantrum which probably fuels the fire even more. 

Already looking gansta. Tantrums are close behind.
Sleeping has its peaks and valleys.  Sometimes Teagan only wakes up a couple times a night, sometimes it's more like four or five times.  13/14ish hours of sleep seems to be her sweet spot.  If she gets too many naps during the day she won't sleep as long during the night .  We aim for an 8pm bedtime and 730am wakeup with two to three hours of naps throughout the day.  She's pretty much a cat napper and goes from 1/2 hour to around 1 hour.  Sometimes we're surprised though and she'll take the longest nap.  At daycare one day she slept for 2 1/2 hours straight.  Unheard of! Teagan has stretched her wakey time between naps anywhere from two to four hours.  Quite the difference from the sleepy babe that first month who had 23 1/2 hour shut eye days.

Sleep brings me the happies.

Teagan’s got her hand eye coordination down pat.  It’s amazing to watch her figure out how toys work.  In the picture below she was moving the disks from one side to the other.  When she gets bored with one toy she’s able to walk around the exersaucer to the next one.  Seriously cool stuff. 

Feet are Teagan's new toy, she's teething, rolls from belly to back, and enjoys tummy time.  She likes trying to sit up, when Parker sings to her (ADORABLE), and being out and about.  Actually, she enjoys being out a little too much.  It's really hard to get her to sleep when we're in public.  The Ergo is supposed to have magical sleeping powers but all the sights and sounds at the mall/grocery store/zoo trump the carrier.

60 degrees in March. In Michigan.  I speak the truth.
One of my favorite things is seeing how Teagan knows us.  A couple weeks ago Kris got home after Teagan was in bed.  When she stirred and cried I asked him to give her the paci.  Typically we can give her the paci, maybe hold nad sway her for a second, and lay her right back down.  But when Teagan saw it was Kris she stopped crying and was wide eye and happy.  It was the most precious thing to see how excited she was to see her daddy!

Love you to the moon and back sweetie!

**if my pictures look weird it's because my phone doesn't want to properly load them to blogger nor email them right so I have to flip them horizontally in Paint for them not to be upside down?? Craaazy**


  1. teagen deffenitely getting big :)
    Update from parker Please :)

    1. Too big too fast for sure. Will do an update about Parker :)

  2. I cannot believe she is 5 months old already!!

    Also, saw your comment and we really need one our epic Easton shopping excursions. Living in different states does not help this!

    1. Time is flying. Next time I'm in Columbus we should plan to meet up! Easton, dinner, drinks...this could be a fab idea.

    2. YESSS!!! FAB IDEA. Thanks for the camera feedback! I'll let you know what I decide on. :)