Thursday, March 7, 2013

February Recap

February started off with a bang.  Eight years ago Kris and I stumbled, quite literally, upon each other thanks to a couple mutual friends, Aquarium’s, and The Pub at Ohio University.  For eight years we’ve celebrated this momentous day.

This year was no different. We ate more than humanly possible at the Melting Pot, indulged in delicious (yet overpriced) drinks, bought my soccer mom SUV, and went bowling. 

Yes, please!

Sesame Street Live at the Fox was a complete and utter hit with both babies.  I knew Parker would just die seeing Elmo in the flesh (or fur, rather) but I didn’t think that she would sing, dance, and clap the entire hour and a half.  Even Teagan watched most of the show.  Girlfriend was not about to fall asleep with all the commotion going on.  My camera gear was banned entry.  Apparently it appeared that I was going to take professional photos of SSL , and do what with them is beyond me, but it did not get the nod of approval. So camera phone it was. 

Could not look away.

Valentine’s Day was spent at home with my loves.  That husband of mine is a wicked cook.  His specialty is, wait for it…fondue! I made wheat French bread, he made the cheese fondue and shrimp, and we dined.  After the babes were in bed it was fondue round two, chocolate style.  Brownies dipped in chocolate should be a daily occurance!

All of us got hit with something that resembled Norovirus.  The flu now this? Geez, I’m ready for spring. Teagan had a very mild, perhaps not even there case, thank God, but it put Kris and I out of commission for a couple days.  Our computer is still in the shop for repair but thankfully it’s a fixable issue for under $100.  Now I just have to wait for another part to come in since the first was defective and I’ll be able to load my photos once again.

Teagan is five months--recap later and OMG slow down baby!--and Parker is 28 months and at SUCH a fun age.  Fun or pullmyhairoutneedaglasserrbottleofwine depeding on the level of tantrums for the day. 

Happy sleeper.

While the tantrums have slowed waaaay down they are still around.  Like if you make a quesadilla for her and cut it up LIKE ALWAYS and she decides that today of all days she doesn't want the quesdilla cut out.  Or if she asks "where's small blankie?" and you go and find what is in fact a small blankie but it's the wrong small out.  Or if you have asked Parker for an hour if she wants to nap and she finally says yes and gets super excited but then realizes you said nap instead of app (as in, a Kindle app) out. The words "tread lightly" are often mouthed between me and Kris. 

So, anyone want to babysit?? Kidding.  Not really.

Hiding from the accusations.
 But there's loads of the good stuff.  Parker loves loves loves to sing.  She knows her days of the week thanks to a song from school, loves cleaning up thanks to the clean up song, and sings this good morning song every day all day.  After a bath she loves running around naked and thinks it's the funniest thing.  I bought her a new pair of sandals and it took a lot of explaining over why sandals do not exactly mean that we're going to the beach in February.  She says the cutest things like "that's ridiculous!" and "it's okay, sweetie," and recently she's staring calling Kris "bud." So cute since Kris' family calls him that as well.  She's into dressing herself and finally is great at independent play. 

Independent play unless you count baby Stella, baby Cinderella, and random baby.
 She also likes to call Sydney Sandy and tries to ride her thanks to Sandy the horse at Meijer. 

As Parker would say--"bye bye February! It's March now!"

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