Monday, October 1, 2012

First Week Recap

I knew it the whole pregnancy, just knew that Teagan would be an easy baby. 

And you know what? I was right.  

The evidence is as follows:
1) she sleeps the entire night, only waking twice to eat. 
2) she only cries when she needs something (is hungry, wet diaper) and is easily soothed.
3) we can actually lay her down sans tears.  

Easy baby = easy transition to 2u2.  Right now Parker is napping, the house is clean, and I'm able to blog while Teagan is nestled next to me in the Moby.  Kris is working from home today so it's my trial run at running this show by myself.  Thankfully Kris was able to calm an epic Parker tantrum with apple cider we picked up at the cider mill on Saturday.  Ahhh, life is good. 

And in no particular order...

"Parker wanna cuddle with baby and blankie."

I swear that Parker isn't about to slap Teagan.

My "um, don't you cry now too, Parker" face.

I forgot to pack mittens.  Therefore, my new baby girl went home from the hospital with sock hands.

I'm loving the Moby again this time around.  Where I go, Teagan goes.

Lil babe, big bouncer

Before we left for our first pedi appointment.  Teagan had a touch of jaundice which cleared up, is back up to her birth weight, and is generally awesome. 

"Parker go work, mommy."

Gah! My heart melts. 

So there you have it.  First week down and we survived but boy was it busy. We had the finishing touches done on our roof, ordered new carpet for our bedroom, refinanced our mortgage, got quotes on the frameless shower for our master bath, and had family outings to the park and cider mill. Oh yeah, and brought a newborn home.  I love having a baby in the house again.  So squishy and cuddly and fun to love on.

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