Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 1 Month, Teagan Noelle

The saddest part about having little ones is that they grow up too fast.  After Teagan's first week I started to think that she looked just so big.  My eyes weren't playing tricks on me.  This girl has packed on about 2.5lbs and get this--3 entire inches this month. I thought she was measured wrong until I saw the pictures above.  Check out how much longer her legs are at 1 month.  She's 10.1lbs (75th percentile) and 23 inches (95th percentile).  Looks like we have another tall, long legged one on our hands :)

We have been blessed with a sleeper.  I'm talking only wakes in the night to eat and goes right back down, snoozes while we're out and about, and even got me to the point where I was concerned that she may be sleeping too much.  A couple days there she was only awake for 30 minutes.  Turns out there's nothing to worry about, she's just a sleeper.  It's just in the past week and a half that Teagan's been awake for longer stretches. 

Smiles are on Teagan's face all.the.time.  She melts our hearts by cooing, is overachieving by saying "daddy" (either that or Kris and I are wacko and are making this up, a possibility, but seriously though we both heard it), likes to hold our fingers, and dances while on the activity mat. Teagan loves baths, tolerates tummy time, and is a good sport when Parker rocks her a bit too hard. Black and white books are also high up on her list.

I'm able to tell the reason behind Teagan's cries, something I could never tell with Parker.  She has a hungry cry, a tired cry, an uncomfortable cry, and very rarely an I'm mad at the world cry.  Stinky doesn't begin to describe this girl.  She farts more than someone this cute ever should.

Most days are easy peasy with 2u2 thanks to Teagan's calm, go with the flow personality.  Some days though Teagan is fuss pants and wants to be held/worn 24/7 while Parker is also in a mood.  Cue one day last week.  Parker was the queen of tantrums all day.  Epic, yogurt chucking, milk spilling, screaming til she was blotchy in the face sort of tantrums. Multiple times.  Teagan wouldn't lay down to nap so we Moby'd up most of the day.  Love the Moby, don't like the limited mobility.  I also don't like having a deaf baby due to toddler screams. Teagan had a rash on her that warranted a trip to the doctor.The rash was thanks to me washing her clothes in a load with clothes that had Shout on them and she had a bad reaction to it. "But I use all natural everything and anything" I said to the doctor.  Oh wait, except for the only product that takes out toddler proportioned stains.  Talk about feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt. I felt like crying.

I had a nice, big glass of wine at the end of that day.

I'm trying to savor every second with this little one because one look at Parker makes me realize how fast they really do grow up. I find myself taking in every little detail of Teagan, those little baby coos, all those smiles, the way she grasps my fingers, that baby smell. Slow down, pumpkin!


  1. She is precious!! I'm really not sure how she is a month old already. But, I got her birth announcement in the mail and they are seriously adorable!

  2. Oh yay, glad you got the announcement :)