Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Just tonight we were all hanging out in Parker's room as she ran around in circles, squealing with laughter, flapping her arms as she pretended to be a butterfly all while wearing her princess high heels. I asked Kris how did we ever live before having her? We have no clue.

I laugh on a constant basis to the following things:
-I sing Silent Night to Teagan when she's crying and when I do Parker says, "no, mom.  Holy cow." So I go, "Silent night, holy cow..." 
-And you read that right.  Parker calls me "mom" like 30% of the time to be funny.  I correct her and say my name is "mommy."I get that I'm-big-trouble grin in return.
-Everyone has the middle name Sophia.  Sometimes when I ask Parker what my name is I'm told it's Mommy Sophia.  When she scolds Sydney I hear "Sydney Sophia."
-"Listen, I said..." starts many of her sentences.
-"Lil bit" is also heard in many sentences.  "I wanna hold Teagan a lil bit," "I wanna go outside a lil bit."
-Football on TV = "Go Buckeyes!"

I'm driven to drink on a daily basis due to the following things:
-being particular about what cup she wants water from at 3am.  "No, another water cup. NO, another water cup.  NO, ANOTHER WATER CUP." Dear God, child.
-Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt Pops.  You guys suck and I wish that I never bought your product.  I hear about you 72 times a day. It doesn't matter if my daughter has a full belly or has ate 3 of your deliciousness that day.  It's always, "moooore yogurt pop" to the tune of screams and hanging on the fridge door.  Go to hell, Stoneyfield.
-Band-aids.  God forbid this little one needs a Band-aid.   She doesn't want them on her and if it has to be she doesn't want to see it.
-Tantrums.  The screaming, the crying, the flopping of her body on the floor...it's all very epic.

Parker loves texting on my phone and "playing apps." We still cuddle together at night. she is not a fan when Kris shows too much attention to Teagan or Sydney ("my Daddy!), and is able to open (and lock...) doors.  She's fallen into the role of big sister with ease.  Teagan gets loads of hugs and kisses.  The jealousy is only evident when Parker is cranky right after a nap and I need to tend to Teagan.  She loves doing ring around the rosie, pulling Sydney's tail (we're working on it) and helping with all the chores.

And Pinterest inspired...a day in the life of Parker Sophia. 

Happy 2nd birthday, my dear!

Our game, pillow jump.  We throw pillows on the floor and jump on them, obviously.


Raspberry fingers.

Batter licking.


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  1. I love the day in the life of Parker. She is awesome. I really like the dryer pic and her watching Teagan. So precious!