Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photoshoots galore

Photos have been taken. Up first, Parker and Teagan. Somehow between trying to make sure Parker didn't accidentally kick, roll on, or pull off one of Teagan's limbs I managed to get some frame-worthy shots. I call that an absolute miracle.

Terrified infant. Insane toddler. I got this. At least for now.


  1. Will you please write down in one of your post , how is your day look like now that Teagen has born ?Just courious , musst be hard with 2 little ones .:)

  2. Precious little babies!! There are some great shots. I hope the fam is doing well!

  3. Your daughters are adorable and look so much alike! Just curious what kind of camera you use? I'm expecting our second in December and it's encouraging to hear 2u2 isn't as terrifying as it sounds :). Mine will be 21.5 months apart.

  4. Juulu, thanks :) And you got it. Teagan's personality is as easy as they come which is good since Parker is um, quite the opposite ;)

    Laura, crazy how similar they look, right? I shoot with the Canon Rebel XS and primarily use my Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 and Canon 50m 1.4. LOVE my lenses. We're breezing along with 2u2 but I was freaking terrified of bringing home a newborn with a super demanding toddler. If Teagan was high needs I'd be hooked up to a vodka drip right about now. Hopefully you'll rock it too come December!

  5. Thank you so much for the information on your camera. Your pictures look so professional!
    My son is also very demanding and most of the time he only wants his momma. Which I love but am also terrified of how he will act with a newborn. Only time will tell but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this next one is a little less demanding!

    Thanks again!