Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm alive

I've been a bad blogger. I planned to spend the wee hours of the night blogging and editing pictures but Teagan is a wam bam thank you ma'am sort of girl. Last night she woke up just once to nurse and that only took 15 minutes each. The nights before that have only been about twice. So I nurse while in a groggy state, place her back in the RnP, and pass out until my next wake up call.

I have about 7343 photos to edit. I find avoidance to be my friend so I've been shying away from my laptop and in turn, the blog.


Buuuut, I do have these ones up and ready to go. And I'm making progress on other things too. Teagan's birth announcements finally came so once I get up the strength to go to hell on Earth (post office) I'll have that checked off my list.
With all the free time I have thanks to nap time always lining up together I'm getting all those pesky, put-off-until-never things done. It's all really dumb stuff like organizing the Tupperware drawer (how were there 13 lids with no matching containers??) and watering the plants (which we only do once they start dying) but it's getting done. I'm not quite sure when something like organizing the Tupperware drawer became so exciting for me, exciting enough that I'm actually blogging about it...
And while fall is hands down my favorite time of year and I don't want to rush through it, all the Christmas decor and music we ran into at Costco yesterday got me in the mood to break out the peppermint and get on making peppermint bark and cookies. But not until I get through my stash of pumpkin.

Perhaps the coolest thing recently is that we now have a 2 year old in the house. Happy Birthday, babycakes! Expect a full recap one day.

We're wrapping up the birthday celebration tomorrow with her farm party which I know she was love since this farm is hands down her favorite place on Earth. Magic shows, animal shows, hayrides, pumpkin patches, pony rides, and loads of farm animals. I've honestly considered buying a goat but I'm assuming our homeowners association would frown on that purchase. As would Sydney.

I have a cake to finish icing and a newborn to snuggle with so happy weekend!

But not before at little pin that came to life :)

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