Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Great Outdoors

After endless hours surfing the web and much anticipation, the swing set arrived.

2 guys and 10 hours later it was ready for action.

Swinging, climbing, sliding, picnic benching, this set has it all. Parker is in love.

So in love that when we leave the house she waves and says, "Bye bye, swing. See you later, swing."

We also picked the fruits of our labor this weekend. I use the term labor loosely. Choosing to be in dirt when you know your chances of encountering bugs or worms or worse is very low on the ways-I-want-to-spend-my-time list (wonder where Parker gets her girly side from). So I don't weed, I don't do whatever you're supposed to do other than spray this natural deer repellant around it and even that doesn't happen until I notice that our plants have been chomped on by our furry friends. Even with the plant and run method things still grow. Works for me.

Chomping down on snap peas. Obviously she doesn't realize this is a green vegtable or she wouldn't be eating it.

More chomping on peppers.

And zucchini. We have so many zucchini and squash that I spent quite some time on Pinterest finding yummo recipes so none go to waste. This weekend I made Zucchini Tots again with squash added in (I'm in freezer meal mode so I made a ton extra) and up tonight is an adapted version of Zucchini Rice.

Shhhh, "too loud, truck. Too loud, doggie. No barking, doggie."

Happy new week!

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