Friday, August 24, 2012

35 Weeks

No bump picture because this week has been insane but just imagine me with a watermelon stuffed under my shirt and you'll get the idea.

How far along: 35 weeks this past Tuesday.

Total weight gain: still at 130lbs, up 18lbs.

Maternity Clothes: the only clothes I'm thinking about now are those I can wear post-preg. I'm going to stock up on some cute yoga wear so that I can look decent-ish when really I'm just wearing the stuff because it's so comfy.

Movement: having a non-anterior placenta is no joke. I feel every single roll and I'm pretty sure that baby has tried to escape 12 times already today.

Food Cravings: pretzels. The salt is oh so delicious.

Sleep: Last night I was up until 1130pm getting a crockpot meal ready. The night before I was up until 1130pm doing laundry. My get-to-bed-at-10pm-every-night pact is supposed to start on Tuesday when I'm 36 weeks. I will try my hardest...

Milestones: my uterus used to be the size of my it's the size of a watermelon! Baby is basically ready for life outside the womb at this point and will focus on packing on the pounds from now until the big day. My money is on September 30th.

Best moment of the week: meeting another natural birthing mama while stocking up on wine at Trader Joe's (two pregnant chics both in the wine aisle. Go figure). Other than in my Hynobirthing classes and my midwives I've never met anyone IRL who shares the same ideas I do about the birthing process. Talking to her was so very refreshing.

-I'm confident in saying that my hormones are completely out of wack. I'm crabby and people are annoying me.
-my Braxton Hicks contractions were so crazy at the zoo on Wednesday that I was borderline concerned that I would give birth next to the camel exhibit.
-I'm having a baby in one month. Holy hell.
-we have loads of fun things planned for our remaining month as a family of three. And actually, loads of stuff right after baby girl arrives. I hope she doesn't mind being at her first gymnastics lessons at two weeks old :)
-my last day of work will be the Thursday before my Tuesday due date, then it's sayonara to stocks and bonds and annuities for 17 to 18 weeks.
-I'm happy to finally have figured out Parker's daycare schedule while I'm on mat leave. She will be out the week the baby is born and the following week. Then will start back up to school two days a week. She will love seeing her friends, especially her boyfriend who she pushes in a corner and tries to kiss (more to come on that lol), and it will give me cuddle time with the new little one :)

We're ready to meet you, baby girl!

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