Friday, August 3, 2012

32 Weeks!

How far along: 32 weeks. That's five weeks people, FIVE, until I'm full term. Not that I expect to deliver anywhere close to 37 weeks but ya never know.

Total weight gain: 128lbs, up 16lbs.

Maternity Clothes: I'm hoping that I can stick with my current wardrobe. I love my big ol belly but one of the coolest things post-preg, besides actually having the baby in my arms and all that jazz, is finally going shopping again for cute, non-whale sized clothes. I will need some major wardrobe reccomendations, Just a Small Town Girl!

Movement: she's still insanly active. Her movements should slow down in the next couple weeks. The more she grows = less room to shake it in the womb. I'll miss all the jabs and pokes even though those bladder kicks cause me to pee about every 30 minutes.

Food Cravings: I made the Buffalo Ranch Chicken crockpot meal again this week. I put veggies in it this time to balance out the ranch dressing factor so it's totally healthy. And it's also very healthy to eat it straight from the fridge by the spoonful. At 10pm. Not that I do that or anything.

Sleep: I am so tired. Thank God for DVR or I would miss the entire season of Bachelor Pad.

Milestones: baby girl is practicing her skills--blinking, grabbing, making faces, looking cool is all that? She's tipping the scales at about 4lbs and is measuring 17 inches.

Best moment of the week: hearing baby's heartbeat yesterday at my MW appointment :)

-I'm pretty sure the time has come to pack up my running shoes. I've been running on the weekends but last weekend really wore me out and I could barely move the rest of the day. This weekend I'll stick to speed walking and see how I do. I only made it running to 27 weeks with Parker so I'm pretty happy with going until 31 weeks this time around.
-stretch marks are still hiding. I totally lucked out and didn't get a single one with Parker so I'm hoping they stay away this time too.
-I love being pregnant and don't want the next few weeks to rush by, but boy oh boy I cannot wait to cuddle with this little one. And I seriously get teary eyed thinking about Parker meeting her little sister for the first time :) Eek!

Yesterday's full moon made for an insane day at work. The crazy seriously came out of the woodwork and it was not a good mix with my already crabby pants mood due to lack of sleep. I'm not too sure of what's on the calendar this weekend. More than likely we will hit up either the beach or the pool or both, play on the new swing set (yay yay yay!!!), we need to pick out bathroom tile and new carpet for the bedroom, and I have to take Parker to StrideRite to pick out some shoes. I have two $5 off coupons that expire soon that I must use even though I've been putting it off. Parker acts like she's slowly being murdered when she gets her foot measured. Kicking, screaming, the whole nine yards. I'm sure the StrideRite people just love us ;)

Happy weekend, all! It's sure to be a good one :)

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  1. I'm all over the clothes recommendation. Too bad we can't have one of those infamous Easton shopping trips! :)