Sunday, August 26, 2012

22 Months

I'm (over) a week behind on this post. Better late than never, right?

Lots of cool things have happened once again this month. Parker can sing the entire ABC song and counts from 1 to 10. She reads Brown Bear Brown Bear out loud, loves doing somersaults (with a little push over from me and Kris), and is getting the knack of recognizing colors. Some days she will point out yellow, blue, pink, red, and green, but other days she's obsessed with everything being the color green.

S: Parker, what color popsicle do you want?
P: Green

S: Parker, what color is the dog?
P: Green

"Say cheese," Parker says when I'm snapping pictures. I ask if she can smile for me and not only do I get a smile, but I get full on posing as well.

Parker is a wee bit obsessed with her rain boots (let's not kid ourselves, I'm in love with them too). Yesterday it was slightly sprinkling and she demanded to wear her boots to school. No messing with this strong willed woman first thing in the am over her choice of footwear.

She says "good morning Mommy/Daddy/Sydney" no matter what time the day :) She also says "morning, guys" to Kris and I. If we're doing something that Parker wants to do she says "my turn." Like "my turn pour cereal."

Helloooo, bed head.

Parker now refuses to take medicine. Right before and after she gets a vaccine we give her Vitamin A. It was the impossible feat this time. Thankfully she still loves her strawberry flavored liquid fish oil (gag me).

Cutest little ponytail. I love when Parker's teachers fix her hair :)

Parker's memory surprises me all the time. A couple months ago at the zoo we saw a bear putting on a great show in his swimming pool. Last week we went to the zoo Parker asked "bear swimming?" Seriously, how did she remember that?

We're often requested to turn the radio on and "go dance." We also get to hear songs being sung, like Rock a Bye Baby, the Clean Up song she learned at school, and some made up songs that I hear during bath time.

If you can't tell, she also likes my iPod. Though I think that Usher on the radio is more fun to dance to than my Birth Affirmations.

Ridiculously huge flowers were a must with Parker this day.

Parker loves helping. When I vacuum she gets her own vacuum and cleans right along side of me. On Sunday she wanted to help get the newspaper, though she had to do it all by herself. "Mommy. Stay." All this with holding her hand up to signal me to stay back. Since we live on the end of a cul-de-sac I let her have her independence.

We're on the fast track to a second birthday!

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