Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Sweet It Is

Oh the cake. I’m not a baker. I've got cooking down pat but baking is not my forte. So when I decided to make Parker’s birthday cake I was a bit terrified. But when I get my mind on something I have to follow through with it. So I practiced my baking and had my coworkers judge the final product. I took suggestions, made a few tweaks, and came out with some pretty tasty treats. I’m not a cake person myself. It all tastes blah to me so I wasn’t sure what constituted “good” cake, but I will admit that even I had my fair share of cupcakes.

Parker, on the other hand, was not about to devour my masterpiece. I didn’t expect her to dive into the cake and dive she did not. She cried a bit so I tried to feed a piece of cake to her to show her that it was edible, but she didn’t fall for it. She did play with the icing a bit though and licked her fingers! I only eat the icing off cakes too ;) Like mama, like daughter.

Whether she ate it our not I didn’t care; I’m just glad that she got her butterfly cake ;)

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