Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Getting Some Zzzzz's

The clouds have parted. Rainbows fill the sky. The suns rays are beaming down. Yes, my friends, this is all because we’ve made leaps and bounds in the sleep department at our house!

Sleeping well has never been Parker’s thing. If you recall, the little miss would not tolerate being laid down in a crib. She demanded more of a nurturing approach so onto our chests and into our bed she went. But we still hit some bumps in the road trying to get her to fall asleep. Nursing to sleep worked like a charm until Parker was around six months; then nursing just woke her up. Rocking to sleep was never Parker’s thing so we wore her in the Ergo. But then we battled with successfully getting her out of the Ergo and into our bed without those baby eyes popping open. It took time but eventually we were able to take Parker out of the carrier and lay her down with no problem. Then two weekends ago we decided, for the first time EVER, to lay Parker down in her crib for a nap. I suggested this to Kris and he thought I was crazy. I was very skeptical too but wanted to try it out. So down went the blinds and on went the white noise fan. A few back rubs later and we had a sleeping baby. I felt so accomplished. If I could do a cartwheel I probably would have. If you have an “easy” baby or don’t follow the same sleeping approach as us you’re probably thinking, ummmm, what is the big deal? But if you have a spirited, energetic, baby I know you get it!

Parker still sleeps with us at night and I have no plans to give up my cuddle time though we did start night weaning last Friday. Now I don’t necessarily believe in mama-led weaning. I think it’s best for baby to decide when to give it up but since Parker sleeps next to me she nurses all night long. And I know she isn’t hungry at night anymore so Kris and I decided that it was time to night wean. We were scared. We were sure that Parker would freak out. But Parker surprised us. She woke up a few times, as per usual, but Kris was able to cuddle with her and she fell back asleep. Without nursing. And with minimal tears. The first night Parker cried for maybe a minute but that’s it. ::cue singing angels:: My mommy guilt over night weaning is gone since Parker was obviously ready for it. We’re still nursing twice a day, in the morning and in the night.

In other non-sleeping news we had Parker’s 12 month appointment yesterday. She’s at 20lbs 15oz (50th percentile), 30 1/4 inches (90th percentile), and her head is in the 90th percentile. Her weight gain has slowed waaaaay down. She has gained less than a pound in over three months, but that’s normal. She’s hitting all of her milestones—talking, walking, recognizing her name—and all looks good with her so I’m a happy mama.

Since it’s against the law to have a post without pictures, here ya go…Daddy, Parker, and Baby Stella :)

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