Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The month of the baby!

It is officially the month of the baby.  If it’s not the month of the baby and I am still with child come May, someone may/will be harmed.  Positive thinking though…April baby.  April baby.  April baby.  If I repeat it enough it will happen.  9 days late with Parker.  2 days early with Teagan.  Let’s keep this trend and go early this go around too.      

My fancy camera and Photoshop are collecting dust. I blame the convenience of the iPhone.  Oh, and something called lack of time and/or being 143 months pregnant.  So here we go.  Phone dump once again.

P rocked it at her dentist appointment this morning.  How could you not enjoy relaxing in a comfy chair with dentist shades and Disney Jr playing right in front of you? Top it off with a morning breakfast date with Daddy and there's one happy four year old on your hands.  

Monday night all the little ones in our court spent the evening jumping on our trampoline.  Some kids had on shorts.  Others no coats.  All the snow had melted and we were graced with 50 degree temps.  Tuesday morning we woke to this.  Gorgeous, yes.  Surprising, yes.  Mother Nature’s April Fools joke one day early? Yes.  

Monday was the birthday of Parker’s main squeeze.  I have seriously witnessed this girl chasing after this little boy, both kids giggling like crazy, until Parker catches up, grabs him and kisses him.  Oh. My. And of course she had to pick out the heart stickers as decorations.

Did I mention that Parker knows how to write Luke’s name from memory? Smitten she is.  

Selfie Saturday.  My crown is compliments of the artist Parker Sophia.  Both Parker and Teagan are addicted to artwork.  Daily they spend time coloring, cutting, gluing, and crafting.  Parker has requested to take art classes on multiple occasions and wouldn't you know, art classes are available in Rochester.  Soccer starts up in a couple weeks so after that activity it might be worth looking into Parker’s request!

Sunday I braved the Costco madness solo with P & T and all 35 weeks of baby in tow.  I knew it was going to a massive trip and I was right.  1 ½ hours, an overflowing cart, and $475 later, I felt like just completed a marathon.  My exhaustion was apparent to others as well, so much so that a well-dressed man in his early 50s, along with his teenage son, approached me offering some help.  Please sit down they requested, enjoy those delicious hot dogs, drinks and sandwiches with your daughters, hand over your keys and we’ll find and load up your car.  So yes, I gave a complete stranger my car keys, joked that I have my insurance company on speed dial to report auto theft, and relaxed. 

And believe it or not, I am still the owner of a GMC Acadia.  Good people still exist!

Sidenote: I have the same look on face as my littles the entire time I’m in Costco too.  

Sidenote 2: Parker proudly wore her butterfly headband the entire time. 

First haircut! After explaining that no, cutting hair doesn’t hurt and yes, we will make sure to only take off a teeny tiny bit as to not destroy her “princess hair,” she excitedly ended up in the salon chair.  A slight trim to rid her of split ends was all she needed to get that bounce back.  I love these one on one girly dates I get to experience.  Up next in the very near future is a trip to the nail salon.  Before we know it Teagan will be able to join in on the pampering too!

Speaking of pampering, I let Parker loose on her Hello Kitty makeup kit from Santa.  Not only did she doll up herself, but little Teagan too, and the results are pretty much what I expected. 

Parker also took it upon herself to not only pick out Teagan’s clothes but dress her as well.   

Friday the girls and I played hooky.  Our morning and early afternoon were spent at Rochester Play, a local indoor play place that provides hours of entertainment for the girls.  I’m talking hours…like 9am to 130pm. Works for me.  The girls passed out as soon as their heads hit the pillow for nap time.  We spent the perfect amount of time out of the house too because upon our return we ran into the city out at our house inspecting the backyard for the pool.  Woohoo! Mere weeks away from a super fun backyard upgrade.

Last week was dress like a pimp day at preschool.  Kidding.  Parker is very much so in love with the white fur coat I wore as a kid so she was in all her glory this day.  

And finally, Parker has mastered the art of iPhone picture taking.  Love this shot she capture of me and my littlest love.    

Tomorrow is my Friday since the office is closed on Good Friday.  Yes! We have plans galore.  Visiting the Easter Bunny, coloring eggs, Easter morning in the house, Easter morning egg hunt outside with our great neighbors, a trip to the high acclaimed new local aquarium, and a visit from my parents.  We’re also having multiple trees taken down to make room for the pool.  And the weather forecast is looking pretty decent.  Sounds like a great weekend to me!    

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