Saturday, April 18, 2015

38 weeks

Hello there.  I am reporting from 38 weeks pregnant in a land of mental instability, painful pressure, and the inability to breathe, bend over to pick things off the floor, or stay awake past 9pm.  My body is sending me clear signals that it is over being pregnant, that three babies has pushed my body to the max.  I am so looking forward to having our sweet precious girl cuddled in my arms, far away from my bladder and ribcage :)   

Total weight gain: 20lbs.  Still hanging around that 20lb mark.  Acid reflux makes it difficult to keep food down (who still vomits this late in the game?! This girl) but I do still have the occasional craving that I can stomach. Like sweets.  Lots of sweets.

Maternity Clothes: the other day Parker asked me if my work has Pajama Day like her preschool class does on occasion.  I think she’s onto something.  Animal print pajama pants should make their way into the uptight financial world.

Movement: if someone outside of my womb punched my bladder as much as this wee one they would be charged with assault.   

Food Cravings: Starburst Jelly Beans were pretty darn tasty this week.

Sleep:  depends on the night.  Sometimes I’m out in no time, other times I find it hard to settle down.

Milestones: baby is cooked and ready to be loved on!

Best moment of the week: making the decision to embrace the epidural.  You would think after having two children, both completely unmedicated, that I would be a seasoned pro at this birthing thing.  But in reality the memories of the pain have come back to haunt me.  Mentally I cannot get into the mindset of willingly accepting the agonizing pain when with a quick shot to the back I could be feeling relief.  I’m not too keen on the idea of how medical this birth will be—IVs, monitoring, catheter, etc—when I’m used to not even having a IV inserted but the level of anxiety I started to feel over going at his au natural again has swayed me to the medical side of things.  A recent quote I saw online reassures me in this decision: “Enjoy the experience. Whatever it takes you to do so, enjoy it.”

So now instead of laboring at home until the last possible minute to avoid caving in to an epidural, I’ll be racing to the hospital as soon as I can to make sure I get this epidural in before I progress too fast!

-my MW offered to break my water at 39w to get things going if I’m 4cm dilated.  I haven’t been checked yet (will be on Tuesday) but from how I’ve explained the pressure I’m feeling to the MWs they are pretty confident that I’ve make some progress dilating.  I’ll likely pass on breaking my water as I’d still like to go into labor on my own, but at least I have an option. 
-I thought that I was in labor Tuesday night.   I had what felt like contractions and couldn’t sleep.  Turns out it was my body being mad that I ate Burger King for dinner.  Rarely do we eat fast food and I guess my body is not used to it.

-I keep thinking about the moment when Parker and Teagan get to meet their new sister.  I’ll never forget that moment when P met T.  I’m surprised my heart didn’t explode with love all over that hospital room.  To experience that again will be nothing short of amazing. 

And to document the near end of this pregnancy, I made Kris play photog and capture some belly pics on this absolutely gorgeous afternoon.

Sevel sisters, inside and out!
Leisurely stroll around the gorgeous Yates Cider Mill. 
Pretty much captures life with these two ladies. 

38 weeks, 1 day
I think Kris should quit his day job to focus on photography.

You gotta do what you gotta do when it's sunny skies

Mommy-Teagan photo overload

I had to bribe the littles with ice cream.  Whatever works, right? 

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