Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring has sprung!

Welcome to another addition of our life documented through the iPhone. 

With warmer temps welcoming us last weekend we took full advantage and visited one of our fave family hangouts.  The zoo! A must see at the zoo is the “baby” giraffe of seven months.  Chilly temps and construction in the giraffe area have kept this little one inside with his mama giving us the perfect opportunity to capture a giraffe selfie. 

Hours were spent at the zoo and during those hours I was sure about 48 times that I was birthing the baby.  But alas, here I am, still pregnant to the max. 

Let's take a step back to the weekend before, Easter weekend. when temps were slightly different.  And by slightly different I mean instead of sunshine and warmth we had snow and cold.  That's Michigan for ya. But like a true Michigander you don't let the weather get the best of you.  Especially when there are eggs to hunt for outside with your neighbor friends!

Do we live in a great sub or what?

Little Teagan loves a good egg hunt.  No eggs will get past her.

Court kids and parents. 

For whatever reason I'm blogging in a reverse timeline fashion.  Rolling with it at this point.  

Before the outside eggtravaganza we hunted for the eggs and goodies left in our home by the Easter Bunny.  I would say that the girls were pretty pumped. How could you not be when, upon waking up, the first thing you do is look out your window and see the yards cluttered with eggs.  Actual proof that the bunny has visited. 

Out of control hair due to the frantic egg hunting. 

When did my baby get so big?!

Excited.  Very excited. 

After the egg hunts we did what most people do on Easter Sunday.  Visited the new aquarium.  For weeks we've been trying to get our hands on these prized tickets, only to find the best dates/times sold out.  So when we were able to snatch some up for Easter Sunday we didn't hesitate.  

While I'm glad we checked it out, I'm in no huge hurry to get back.  It was just meh, especially for the price.  I'll save our aquarium trips for when we go on vacation.  Maybe we'll be able to get to Sea World when we're in Florida in December!

And this is precisely why we keep having girls.  That daddy-daughter bond!

Other things:

My poor Parker is sick.  Yesterday I got the call from school that Parker seemed off.  Shortly after drop off she told her teacher that her belly hurt.  When her teacher asked if she had told me about it this morning Parker replied, "No.  My mommy was sleeping when my belly hurt and she needs her rest.  I didn't want to wake her up." Oh my dear, sweet hearted girl. 

Parker, who always loves playing with her friends, just sat at a picnic table during outside time.  The girl who often takes seconds on lunches refused to eat a bite and instead, requested an early nap time. 
Out of the office early I went to pick up my love.  Once we got home around 3pm she cozied up on the couch and didn't move until early bedtime at 8pm.  Today was the same thing.  No fever, no vomiting, nothing other than a really sore belly, lethargy, and zero appetite.  I'm stumped. I really hope my girl wakes up feeling like her normal self tomorrow. 

Papi is up to await the birth of baby E! And to cuddle sick P. 

Parker likes her "area" set up when she's sick. 

Perfect opportunity for an afternoon viewing of Frozen. 

Sometime last week with my 37 week bump. I'm sure it was 40 something degrees that day and I'm sporting a sheer top and shorts.  Pregnancy heat wave is real.

Pinned it, did it! Love playing hair stylist.

Now back to a captivating 20/20 and straight to bed.  38 week update coming tomorrow!

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