Friday, April 10, 2015

37 weeks!

How far along: 37 weeks.  Full term today!

Teagan could not be less impressed with my ability to grow human life inside my body. 

Total weight gain: 19lbs to 20lbs.  Not much gain in the past month.  A combo of running out of stomach room making eating more of a chore than anything, a general lack of appetite, and nothing ever sounding good, it’s hard to overindulge. 

Maternity Clothes: I am quite literally busting at the seams in my go-to work black jeggings.  If/when my larger than normal thighs bust through this supposedly stretchy forever fabric I am going to actual yoga pants for my work attire.  Go ahead, try and say something to the hormonally imbalanced, pregnant three times in five years girl.  I dare you. 

Movement: this girl loves putting pressure on my bladder.  

Food Cravings: Chi Chis. Why oh why did this place close down a decade ago! I’ve had no choice but to take matters into my own hands.  Earlier this week I made fried ice cream straight from a Chi Chis recipe. I may or may not have eaten that for dinner a time or two. Today I ran out and grabbed all the ingredients to whip up Chi Chis seafood enchiladas, one of my personal faves from back in the day. 

Sleep: I am out like a light between 10pm and 11pm, only waking up a few times.

Milestones: baby is full term, ready to make her appearance.  Sooner rather than later please!

Best moment of the week: realizing just how close we are to meeting sweet baby E!

-my MWs office stresses every single appointment that I must get to the hospital asap this go around. If you don’t recall, this is because I delivered Teagan super crazy fast.  430am I was working through the uncomfortable but manageable contractions while making yogurt popsicles for Parker.  I talked to my midwife on the phone and, based on my tone of voice, she told me to labor at home a while.  Around 530am the contractions were picking up a bit, but still manageable, so off to the hospital we went. 540am we arrived and it wasn’t until I got up to triage that all hell broke loose on my body in a violent fit of rage and just like that, Teagan was born at 601am. 

So yeah, in an attempt to avoid a roadside birth we may be leaving a little bit earlier this time.

-I’m finally starting to pack my hospital bag.  It is getting real.

-Teagan has decided now is a great time to enter into the terrible twos.  Perfect timing.

-This weekend we’re in for some fun.  Temps in the 50s and mid-60s are much anticipated.  Dance class is cancelled due to spring break so we have our first free Saturday in forever.  I’m thinking the library, the park, delicious Cupcake Station treats, and some bike riding is in order.  Our swing set guy is coming early to move the set to another part of the yard to make way for the pool so Kris gets to help with that.  I’m sure he’s pumped.

-Sunday Parker will be quite the social butterfly.  First a birthday party at a bounce house place, then another party at a friends house.  This means her nap will be skipped.  This means by 7pm she will turn into quite the handful.  Early to bed for sure!

-It’s finally clicking that I am going to be a mother to three princesses in a matter of weeks.  Eeeeek I cannot wait! 

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