Thursday, August 1, 2013

Parker babe--2 years 9 months!

In honor of Parker hitting the 2 year 9 month milestone this month, it’s time to devote a post to where she’s at and what she’s up to.   Super sweet mixed with a lot a little sass, I’m continually amazed by everything she does.  Amazed or shaking my head depending on the situation ;) So here you go.  A little snapshot into Parker’s life:
Sass? What sass?

Heart full of compassion.  Her neighbor friend recently started part-time at the same school.  The transition was tough at first but Parker helped her each step of the way.  Hugging her, telling her it would be okay, giving toys to her to play with…Many times in our relationship I’ll feel a glorious mix of pride and joy at the little lady she is becoming.  This time was definitely one of those times.  

Super sister.  Parker’s mission is to make Teagan happy.  In the morning P will bring toys to T; when T wakes from a nap P is the first person in her room ready to greet her; lots of hugs and kisses and giggles later and I’m so glad they will have each other forever. 

Now now, it's not always rainbows and sunshines.  Sometimes Teagan with her toy grabbing, leg kicking, hair pulling ways puts Parker in a mood. Typically it doesn't last long and they're back to being BFFs.  Lets keep it that way. 

Headstrong.  Oh my, is this child a mini version of me.  Tell her no, she fights it.  Offer a
suggestion? Sometimes she will appease you but typically?  She wants it her way.  Very independent, she likes to do everything herself.  A couple months ago she perfected both bike pedaling and steering.  Even up hills she will try her hardest to make it without the slightest assistance.  

Absolutely no fear which in turn makes me have even more fear.  How does that work?? Jumping all around on couches, climbing her playground rock wall which is high and takes lots of coordination, swinging so high to the point where I’m sure she’s going to fly around in circles (all while yelling “higher, hiiiigiher!” mind you).  Girl is confident in her abilities!

Sleep.  We’re getting there! Up until a couple weeks ago it went something like this: 9pm cuddle with P in her bed, 930pm she finally falls asleep, 1100pm up crying.  Night after night.  While Kris was in France I put my plan of attack into action.  I brought P in our bed, explained that I had lots to do—dishes, cleaning, etc & etc & etc—and that I would be in later to cuddle.  I was met with a bit of resistance but she stayed put! The next night was more tough so I had to bring out the big guns. Enter this nighttime ladybug.  With 2500 stellar Amazon reviews and at a great price I snatched it up.  Parker’s room has a bit of a ladybug theme to it so I had a lot of faith in this guy.  Works like a charm and P loves seeing the stars on moon on the ceiling.  Phase two will be to get her in her own bed.  But with Teagan’s room next to P’s and with T sleeping SO well, I don’t want to disrupt her.  I am toying with the idea of the babes sharing a room, as will be the end result when the third S comes (NOT pregnant yet!) but not sure when we’ll pull the trigger.

Let’s see, what else…P loves dancing and will be starting dance classes this fall.  End of the year recital and all! I’m stoked.  Letter recognition is improving on a daily basis it seems.  A couple months ago she started writing her letters (A all by herself thanks to help from Kris). Still picky with TV shows, she watches Sesame Street, Pajanimals Sophia the First, and Daniel Tiger but that’s it.  Parker serenades us with songs heard on the radio.  What? You’re actually listening and memorizing the words?!...Ummm....

And she’s funny. So very funny. Especially when a preschooler sized Vera Bradley bag is available. 

If this can be considered a carry-on we will be saving a lot of $$$ on our winter Caribbean vacay.


But you know what's not funny? When you're in the Costco parking lot nursing your baby and your 2 year old informs you she needs to go potty, you tell her wait a second.  Apparently "wait a second" means squat-down-on-the-leather-console-and-pee-all-over-it. 

So much for that new car smell.

You are the goofiest, most caring, cutest two year old pumpkin! I couldn't imagine a day with you in my life to keep me happy and bright! xoxo my sweetie!