Thursday, August 8, 2013

Things & more things

Happenings as of late: 1) Hello shiny new kitchen! Much thanks to Trusted Improvement of Novi for getting the job done. Initially we planned on going with Lowes for our granite but lordy lordy do they have sucky salespeople and counter ordering policies marketed to people other than those who have two full time jobs + two little ones (like sitting down for a 2 hour meeting in addition to an initial consultation. Let’s see here …ummm, thanks, no thanks). So we refused. Glad I did because TI made this process so easy. Came to our house, everything done over the phone, and our only “inconvenience” was going to the granite shop to pick out our slab. Easy peasy and I’m SO happy with our kitchen now.

2) I'm currently working on a little business venture. Because you know, I barely have time to pee and sleep so why not add more to my plate. But that’s how I function :) It’s in the works so stay tuned!
New business? Teagan approves.

3) Teagan plays peek-a-boo. Just when I think she can't get any cuter she ups the ante.

3) Who remembers the Verve Pipe? The one hit wonder that is the "Freshman" or whatever it was called? We saw them in a rockin concert at the Detroit Zoo. VP has crossed over to singing kiddo songs. No joke. It was sort of a kid Woodstock this night. We had rain, we had mud, we had dancing, we had beer and wine flowing (for serious). Parker wiped out and ended up a muddy mess.
Pre-KidStock '13
4) Parker still takes a paci. It’s only at bedtime—not at naps since we stopped those…too much of a hassle to get her down and she sleeps better at night without one—but I’d like to break this habit. So when I saw a genius idea on the interwebz I jumped. You explain to your child that you will be mailing the pacis to someone, in this case Minnie Mouse, and in turn Minnie will mail a present back to you. Parker was geeked. So we grabbed a free envelope, stuffed the paci in, walked proudly to the mailbox and said later.

While Parker was distracted by something I quickly grabbed a toy from my buy-now-save-for-later present closet and wrapped in up with a note from Minnie. On the porch is went to surprise miss P. Oh my was she excited!

Then bedtime happened. “Brown bankie” aka security blanket was MIA. GAH! The one thing that I knew would be our lifesaver in this paci weaning process decided to hide on us in the most critical of hours. I wasn’t in the mood for a battle so I gave Parker an option. You keep your new Cinderella and no paci, or you give her back and get a paci. Yeah…paci won that one. Maybe one day when I have more coffee in my system. 5) 2014 vacation plans are in the works! 5 year anniversary is next year (not to overshadow our 4 year which is next week!) so we're hoping to take a K&S only vacation early 2014. Our priorites are: -Beach -Drinks -Beach drinks Any suggestions? I've checked out everywhere--Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and so on and so on--but I'd love to hear where you went and what you liked about it! And we can't forget a family vacation so...Disney is September! Flights aren't avaiable yet but should be come October. Come that date we'll be ready to book and put this plan into action. I have loads of good info from family and friends about where to stay and what to do, but if anyone else has more insight I'd love to hear it. That is all for this rainy Thursday. It's my kind of weather--cloudy, damp, the perfect day to snuggle up with a comfy blanket and a mug of pumpkin spice latte. It might not sound like the ideal weather to some, but these kind of days always remind me of holding my little newborn fall babies :)

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