Monday, August 19, 2013

Kris is old. OLD!

Occasionally (read: often) as I approached the big 3-0 I was reminded by that hubby of mine that I in fact was more or less an old hag while he, still in his 20s, was the young cool one.

All that talk caught up with him and sure enough, he's now 30 (a mere three weeks after me thankyouverymuch). Now both of us can live an old, uncool live together.  What better place to kick off this new decade then in Frankenmuth! Michigan's Little Bavaria is our bday celebration hot spot.  Up bright and early, we were on the road by 9am and pulled into our first stop, the zoo, by 10am. 

Lots of new exhibits since our last stop for Parker's 2nd birthday.  Petting area, complete with a 10 month old baby camel, a million alligators, and a leopard to name a few.

One person in this picture is not impressed.

Say cheese, camel!

A girl and her goats.

Two and some odd hours of animal seeing, picture posing, and playground playing later and we headed off for a road of mini golf.  Quite the task with an Ergo-sleeping baby and the "amateur"course which in all actuality should be renamed the toddler-death course with all the drop-offs into seemingly deep rivers.  But we all finished in one piece and had enough energy to do some water bumper boats.

I've learned a lot since having children.  Most important lesson of all--it's not the wisest idea to wear a strapless shirt while also wearing an Ergo.  Lets just stop at that...

Giraffe attire, as to fit in.

Wait for it...

Got it!

After bumper boats we headed to the Bavarian Inn for arcades and the play place.  Parker scored a pink plush turtle and plastic alligator with her game tickets and was SO proud of herself.  Teagan was so proud to be in the drivers seat.

Honk honk!

Then we did what all parents pushing a double stroller filled with kids should do.  We went wine and beer tasting. Nothing really caught our taste buds but we did score a boot shaped shot glass which made the tasting well worth it.

Pouches up.

Blah, that tastes awful!

Better now!

Dinner was your typical fabulous chicken dinner with enough food to feed a small army.  Perfect way to cap off such a special occasion. Happy 30th to the best hubs and daddy out there! Cheers to you and all you do for us!

And even though you maybe be old, you're still pretty cool ;)

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  1. Happy Bday for Chris !:)You look all very nice !:)