Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cucumber Pear & Tonic and Preschool Predicaments

I expect boy drama at age 16. I expect it at 13. Hell, I even expect it at 9. But 2?! Geez Louise…

Parker and C have quite the history. From their early days, four months old and holding hands while in side-by-side bouncers in the infant room, to Toddler 1 where Parker would dish out just as many hugs as she did face slaps and bites, to Toddler 2 where C would run to Parker, arms outstretched, while exclaiming “Karker! Karrrrrkerrrr!” to be met with either an inviting smile or ear piercing scream, to 2 1/2s where Parker went from crying at drop-off by the mere sight of C to asking, begging, pleading me to take her to play with him. Helloooo rocky relationship.

Silly me thought the drama was a thing of the past until ::dun dun dun:: another woman entered the picture. Now there are two little ladies vying for C’s attention, one-upping each other to make C happy, whether that’s by pushing him backwards on a trike as he enjoys or by playing the game of his choice or by sharing snacks. When C gravitates more towards the other little lady, P cries. Vice versa. And so on & and so on & no end in sight.

And this, my friends, is why all parents are entitled to a beverage of their choice at the end of the day.

Cucumber Pear Tonic: inspired by the Rusty Bucket

Ingredients: get ready, this is tricky
Pear vodka

Directions: -muddle cucumber. I’m sure there’s a legit way to do this, but I peel, slice, and go to town mashing with a tenderizer. Place in bottom of glass and top with ice.
-shake together pear vodka, tonic and sugar. I only added sugar to cut the bitterness of the tonic. Worked for me, but if you’re a tonic lover you can skip this part. Also, I really tend not to measure when I cook and/or drink but about two shots of vodka, teaspoon of sugar, and top it off with tonic.
-pour over ice. Drink. Pretend preschool love triangles do not exist. Repeat as often as necessary.

Yesterday during circle time the children were asked what makes them happy. C proudly said, “ My mom. And Karker.”


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