Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bye bye summer!

I honestly do not know how people survive without coffee. Maybe they sleep. Maybe I should try sleeping…but with a month like August it’s a crime to sleep too much. Too much fun to be had!

First weekend: SURPRISE party for Kris’ 30th! Kris’ best man wrangled a bunch of guys up from Ohio, raided our house, and out casinoing, baseball gaming, and boozing away they went. I am insanely proud of myself for keeping this a secret. Keeping secrets is not my strong suit. Usually I just blubber everything out but I stayed strong for an entire month!

Showing off, being cute for "my new friends"

Second weekend: Kris’ birthday. Entire day spent Frankenmuthing. Sun up to sun down we stayed entertained by our local slice of Germany. Much better experience than the same trip the same day one year prior when (1) it poured out of nowhere (and by out of nowhere I mean there was a 60% chance of heavy rain but come on, that really means there’s a 40% chance of it NOT raining. Well, not that day); (2) my car wouldn’t start, our AAA membership had lapsed, and after 1 hour of the tow man work and 432 curses later, she decided to get her butt in gear.

Dirtay thirtay

My loves.
Third weekend: let me break this down. Friday at 6pm we left for Ohio. We returned Sunday night at 9pm. 52 hours in Ohio, 14 of those we spent driving. CRAY! But we got to see loads of people. First stop, a baby shower for a good friend from high school where not only did I get to see the mother-to-be, but also other high school gals as well. Visits with Grandma Eva, Grandma Robbie and Pap Paul, then Kris’ parents rounded out Saturday. Zoo all day Sunday with Kris’ parents and sis and it was back on the road again. Weekend evenings are my time to knock things out (wild, I know)--every single load of laundry, meal prepping, cleaning--so I was just a weeeeee bit behind that weekend. (Enter coffee).


Tell us how you really feel, P.

G Robbie, Pap Paul

Aaaaaanad she's off!
Fourth weekend: spent enjoying our local paradise. Beaches, library, art projects, home-chilling, sisterly play, and all the other wonderful things.

SLOW DOWN, my baby girls! Slow down!

You know a book reading is good when your audience applauds via feet.

Fifth and final weekend: the most amazing of weekends.  Kris and I....get ready for it...went on our first overnight date IN OVER THREE YEARS. 24 hours sans children and we made the most of it. Lunch date out, Tigers versus Indians game, wedding where we consumed illegal amounts of tequila, and uninterrupted sleep in a swanky hotel until the glorious hour of 10am. Talk about a slice of heaven.

Much love to my parents for making that weekend possible for us!

And that's a wrap. Now back to packing because we're off. Teagan's first birthday party in Ohio and then off to vacation in Myrtle Beach. Looking forward to a much needed break from the day to day hustle and bustle.

Last but not least...Teagan is crawling! Way to go baby girl! Time to do that baby-proofing thing all over again :)

Happy new month, all!

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