Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy real bday, baby Teagan!

Happy REAL birthday, baby Teagan!


If yesterday wasn’t a true testament to Teagan’s personality, I don’t know what is.  Our happy go lucky baby gets mad, real mad, at only a few things:


Poopy diapers

People who don’t share food

Toys being yanked away (a head bop or two, courtesy of Teagan, gets her point across)



Teeth were not invited to this party but they crashed it anyways. Poor baby T was so bothered by her pearly whites that on the eve of her birthday she stayed up from 1130pm to 4am. Undoubtedly exhausted and smack dab in the middle of bottle weaning, one might expect even the happiest of little ones to be in a mood. Not Teagan. In fact, she had an amazing birthday.


She laughed, she cuddled, she played. She was her normal, easy to love self. Kris and I both ditched the 9 to 5 to spend the day celebrating as a family, as we do every birthday. The morning was spent at the zoo and the afternoon was enjoyed at home—plenty of walks, swings, and basement play time.


What total and utter joy Teagan brings to our lives.  Truly a great example for everyone on how to live your life. Even when you have a legit reason to be grumpy, look on the bright side and smile.


And now to it—the birthday girl!

First stop--whole wheat pumpkin pancakes, cut into the number "1."


Baby Stella has been sitting in my closet for months, waiting for this special day. Once I saw the joy it brought to Parker on her first birthday and many, many months afterwards I knew that Teagan needed her own Stella for her day too. 
Get this girl on Instagram, she has mastered the duck face.

Cannot believe I'm 1!

It's impossible not to love Baby Stella.

I also knew with every bone in my body that I must get the Pottery Barn Kids shaggy nap mat for both girls. Every day they nap on cots (yes, Teagan is now out of the crib at school and onto a cot!) so I wanted a mat that would withstand the test of time. I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me that Teagan should be the next PBK model. I mean if these pic don’t sell this nap mat nothing will.

Cuddle up, buttercup!
Feet kicking away.

SO glad I bought this thing.

A few more gifts later and we headed to the zoo. Fantastic fall day—partly sunny and crisp—perfect temperature for the animals. I took advantage of the shade provided by the clouds and snapped some one year pics of Teagan, after turtle play time of course.


All this happiness was because Parker was making her laugh. My heart is full.

Gorilla statues got in the way of mama-daugther pics. 

Bear was movin and shakin!

Classic Teagan face, dubbed "the Woogle."

Teagan was not a huge fan of her smash cake so I decided to whip something up that’s more in line with her taste buds.  Read: something less sugary sweet. Wheat Carrot Apple Coconut Muffins with a maple syrup cream cheese glaze it was. Delicious or horrifyingly disgusting? You be the judge.

And so I don’t forget, a snapshot of Teagan at one year:

•Smiles at everyone she meets as she snuggles up on my chest, the most sweet bashful move
•When she’s really excited her legs and feet let you know it—kick kick kick & giggle giggle giggle •Nothing but adoration for Parker, though if Parker yanks a toy it’s ovah. Teagan will yell, say “MI!” (mine), hit P’s hand away, and if that doesn’t work she cries. “Teagan is yelling at me,” says a tear-stained face Parker. Girl stands her ground.
•She talks! On vacation Teagan started saying “Karker” for Parker. Other words include no, dog, hi, bye bye, baba (bottle). Cannot get over how cool it is that Teagan’s first word was “Parker.” •Typically T will sleep through the night, 8pm to 7am, but these teeth screwed it all up. Lots of wake ups.
•Chasing is one of Teagan’s fave games. “I’m gonna get you!” elicits happy squeals and fast crawls throughout the house.
•Food is hit or miss. Favorites seems to be shredded cheddar and pasta with marinara •We’re in the slobbery kisses, back pats and hug phase. The.best. •Teagan is a whiz at playing with toys. It’s amazing. Give her the doodler and she doodles with the stamps. Give her a bag of blocks and she tries stacking them. When done, she puts them one by one back in the bag. Give her the doll house and she moves the princesses in and out of the door.
•Music—whether via the TV or toys—makes her dance.

Thank you baby girl for the most amazing year. Just when I think life can’t get any better, it does.

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  1. i just looked at your nice pictures , and i think Teagen start to look like Parker !:)Very Cuddle , pretty she is !:)
    I love the pottery barn kids too , though is very expensive to order anything from there , because from America to Europe the delivery is a fair expensive deal :(
    Happy Bday Teagen !:)