Saturday, July 20, 2013

9 and errr...10 months

I kept telling myself, "Blog about the 9th about the 9th month..." then all of the sudden :::BAM::: the 10th month came a knockin.  So combo post it is.

Hi cutie toots :)19lbs 12oz (50th percentile), 28.5" (50th percentile)

The 9th month brought sleep.  SLEEP I tell you! Exclusive bedsharing has been our routine though Teagan does start off in her crib.  11pm starts the stirring around, then the fussing, so it's to the king bed to nurse and fall back asleep. All was fine and dandy but slooooowly Teagan started waking a lot.  Like 11pm, 2am, 4am, and 5am lot.  Each time Teagan wanted to nurse.  Not sure if I've mentioned it on here but I've had zero interest in nursing this time around.  Zero, zilch, nada, want nothing to do with it.  Do I still do it? Yeppers because I know it's best for T but I'm not that into it. But that's for a later post. 

Soooo, I decided we were going to stop the night nursing cold turkey.  Teagan's on three solid meals plus snacks and bottles during the day.  Girlfriend has a full belly so I felt it was time for the diner to close shop from 8pm to 7am.  Kris took over the nighttime duty for a week since his boobs don't work (huge flaw with the opposite sex).  For the first week Teagan kept waking as normal but for the most part was easily soothed by Kris.  Slowly the wake ups faded away.  And now?

SHE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT. 8pm to 6am typically.  adf;lkahdf;khadf;hak!!!!!!!!

I am feeling quite smug.  I knew that babies could sleep through the night without having to cry it out.  I knew it!


Night weaning brought about the end of bed sharing. Try laying in your bed next to a delicious pizza decked out with all your favorites fixins and have someone tell you, woops, sorry, no can eat it. Doesn’t fly with Teagan either.   Once she’s fully weaned (at my self imposed cut off of 11 months) we’ll see how it goes.  Maybe we’ll give bed sharing another whirl.  But for now she’s rocking shut eye in her cozy crib. 

Separation anxiety is now in full force.  I sit Teagan down, she cries.  I drop her off at daycare, she cries.  Now if she’s in the arms of her teacher she’s soothed or if there’s a super cool, super new toy to distract her she’s cool.  But generally she wants all mama all the time.  No complaints :)

However, when T doesn’t like being sat down she lets you know by throwing herself backwards.  So she needs a pillow behind her at all times to stop the back of her head from meeting our hard wood and tile floors. Problem is she LOVES scooting around on her butt in circles so you’re constantly playing move-the-pillow-so-Teagan-doesn’t-wack-her-head.

Sleeping Bear Dunes--Lake Michigan

Other happenings:

Cute things/likes
·         When Teagan is really excited, which is always, she kicks her feet like crazy.  Teagan’s feet don’t stop moving the entire time she’s in water—in the tub, at the pool, at the beach—kick kick kick.
·         Claps.  Her first clap was at 8 months at El Vaquero.  100% proof that she is my daughter.
·         You wave, she waves
·         Loves pinching us—ouch!
·         Enjoyed her first vacation, first time in a lake, and first time on a ride (kiddie train at the Cherry Festival)
·         Parker.  If Teagan had to pick one family member and only one family member, it would be Parker.  Everything Parker does Teagan eats up.  Secret sisterly language is in full force—Teagan baby talks to Parker, Parker baby talks back, and both girls crack up.  Teagan fusses in the car, Parker remixes the Christmas song “Noel” to “Teagan Noelle” and T laughs.  Parker will bring Teagan toys, talks to her in the sweetest high pitched tone, and helps with diaper changes.  Sisters!

Kicking away.

·         Sippy cups with water and food.  Girl cannot get enough food. 
·         Finally said mama last night at the dinner table, face smeared with marinara sauce and all.  In true mom fashion, I teared up.
·         First tooth! It’s barely poking through, middle one on the bottom. 
·         Standing while we hold her hands
·         Sleeping on her belly


·         Diaper changes. If you don’t have something new and shiny as a distraction, you’re in for it
·         Sunscreen.  Throws herself back for added emphasis.
·         Being dressed.  Throws herself back for added emphasis.
·         Pacis.  Maybe she would like one by now but since she’s fine without it, I’m not pushing it.
·         Crawling. Teagan equates being on her belly during waking hours to a torture chamber. Parker tries to help her—she gets on her belly and offers encouragement but all the cheers and claps in the world only go so far.  T’s able to scoot back, to the side, and flop to her back but she’s far from   In due time :)

Girl got moves.

Tomorrow I'm picking up Teagan's 1st birthday party invites.

Happy 9 & 10 months my sweetheart! You bring us more joy than I ever thought possible.  xoxoxo!

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