Friday, November 9, 2012

A Day in the Life

I get asked how life is with two little ones all the time so here's a little snapshot of my day.

6:10am: Kris broke his cuddle time short with Parker and she didn't approve.  Up for the day she was.  That wonderful husband of mine toted the babe around until he handed her off to me at 7am. Loved that extra hour of sleep.

7:00am: not regretting my choice to drink coffee while nursing.

7:15am: Teagan wakes.  Parker does an epic mix of whining, screaming, and crying, "Mommy, Teagan needs breastmiiiiiiiillllkkk."  Many times when I nurse Teagan I'll turn the TV on for Parker so she's always desperate for nursing time.

Teagan nurses, Parker watches TV, and I zone out on my phone.

7:30am: TV is off.  Parker protests in her not so quiet voice.  Breakfast time.  I balance a crying baby between heating up pumpkin pancakes and slicing apples. Sydney jumps up on the edge of the table and knocks down Parker's milk.  Parker screams bloody murder.  Teagan screams.

8:00am: "Mommy pick up, mommy pick up!" It is now evident that 6am was entirely too early for some little girl to wake up. Teagan gets Moby'd, I try carrying Parker at the same time, but when I have to set her down the screaming continues.  OMG I'm going to scream.

9:00am: I've looked at the clock five thousand times and the minutes are creeping by while the screams continue.  All those tantrum resolution tricks in all those books can suck it.  The only thing that works for us is getting out of the house.  Off we go.

9:15am: We're at PetSmart to look at the fish and birds.  I see a bird for $549 (for real?) and of course it's kitty adoption day.  Parker is unhealthily obsessed with cats. She stares at the cats and people tending to them awkwardly for like 20 minutes.  I finally convince her to leave with the promise of stopping next door at Marshalls to play with toys.

9:45am: Marshalls.  I like this store because they've got their shopping carts right.  You can fit both an infant car seat in the big part and a toddler in the seat.  Makes sense, right? Maybe Old Navy, which is right next door, should get that message. Back to the point...

10:00am: life is good until this point.  I'm finding cute clothes.  Parker is occupied with a toy.  Teagan is sleeping peacefully.  Now Teagan wakes and she's pissed.  Wet diaper and starving.  Thankfully there is a family dressing room (also a good idea, Old Navy...nah, I'm not bitter about that store in the least) so I'm able to change and nurse.  Parker realizes she's exhausted and freaks the eff out.  I thank God for YouTube and find some Sesame Street.

10:15am: for like the only time in her life Teagan nurses for more than 5 minutes.  Parker's screams go in and out.  Apparently when I am asked for "a new one," I'm not picking the right new YouTube.  Go figure.

10:20am: regret leaving the house with my entire soul.

10:30am: I am buying those cute shirts I found, dammit, screaming children and all.  Weekday shopping = short lines so we're good.

10:40am: Parker is still screaming.  Teagan is now on a napping strike.

11:00am:  still screaming.  When is nap time again?

11:30am: early nap.  Looking forward to Teagan sleeping so I can paint our entryway bench (pics to come!) but she's not on the same page.

12:30pm: Parker's crying.  Come on, up already?

And it continued like that all day.  Mad toddler, wakey baby, mom who wanted to do nothing but rock silently in a corner. A good, strong run followed by a steamy shower in our new master bath (pics to come of that too) and I no longer felt like I was losing my mind. 

Today though? Easy peasy again.  Teagan has been asleep since 9am (it's 3pm now).  I've watched a movie and ate B&J's Late Night Snack (choc covered potato chips are genius). I made an appointment to get my hair cut.  Parker is in a pretty decent mood and is going on hour three of her nap.  I've done some odds and ends around the house.

Roll with the good, roll with the bad.  No matter the day, we are blessed.

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  1. I have a mental image of that entire Marshall's scene! I would buy the shirts too!