Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleepy Baby

Parker loves to sleep and at the beginning she had her days and nights mixed up but that's getting better now, thankfully! It's incredible how little sleep Kris and I can function on! The last couple weeks of the pregnancy I was getting about nine to ten hours of sleep each night and now I'm lucky to get five but I feel great. It must be that new mother drive that's keeping me going :)

Parker doesn't enjoy sleeping in her crib yet but I put her down in it for a second to snap a couple photos to show how large the crib is in relation to her. She looks so tiny in that huge crib!

I look so exhausted in this photo but rocking her to sleep is all worth it.

Parker's favorite sleeping position is laying cuddled up on our chests :)

Even though there's a lot of sleeping going there's also plenty of awake time. She's just taking everything in around her in these photos. I love when she is in this quiet alert state.

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