Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone! Parker had a great first Thanksgiving at home celebrating with me, Kris, my parents, and Aunt Lindsey. I didn't get a lot of pictures since I was balancing taking care of Parker and whipping up a delicious feast, but when I asked Kris to pose for a couple pictures with Parker this is what I got, haha!

Friday we spent relaxing around the house playing with Parker and watching football--no braving the Black Friday crowds! I'm much more content with getting the Cyber Monday deals in the comfort of my own home!

Parker decided that Thanksgiving weekend would be the perfect time to show off her new skill of grabbing on to toys. Once she has the toy in her hands she moves it all around like crazy which is why some of pictures of her hand are blurry!

Parker also had her first trip out of state on Saturday for her cousin Caroline's baptism. Traveling definitely took a bit longer since we had to stop a few times for diaper changes and for her to eat, but we made it! Parker was all dressed up and ready to go to the baptism but unfortunately only Kris made it. By the time Parker ate and got changed the christening was over, but everyone said it went well!

Parker loved kicking off her shoes--just like she loved kicking off her ID bands that were on her feet while in the hospital!

Right before we left for the baptism I snapped this adorable picture of Kris and Parker, then had Kris pass her to me for an equally cute picture...

...but Parker was not having it!

Parker was mesmerized by the mobile on the pack and play and TJ and Faye set up for us so I had to get some photos of her in her party dress!

Sydney sat in the front seat during the trip while I sat in the back with Parker. Being the protective dog that she is, she kept her head turned back towards us the entire trip to make sure we were doing okay :)

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