Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We hope that everyone had a great Halloween! It was an eventful day in our house. Kris and I had three pumpkins ready to carve and it took us all day to finish them since Parker is now in charge of our schedule :) They got done just in time for us to throw the pumpkin seeds in the oven and set the pumpkins on the front porch before the trick or treaters arrived.

A few of the neighbors that we're close with already heard that Parker arrived but many others didn't hear the news yet so it was nice to see everyone and show off our little girl :) There are a lot of young kids in the subdivision so we're looking forward to having Parker grow up with everyone.

Here are the pumpkins. If you can't tell, the middle one is a "P" for Parker!

Sydney the Bumblebee looks thrilled to be dressed up posing for the camera. A group of boys that came up to the house though it was hilarious that Sydney was barking at them and acting tough all while dressed in that ridiculous costume!

Here she is, our little precious flower! It's a bit big on her but she didn't seem to mind :) It was a very thick, hot costume though so we didn't keep her in it too long. Just long enough to snap some pictures and see the neighbors on our street.

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