Friday, November 5, 2010

Carrying Parker All Around

I've mentioned it once, but the baby carriers are a lifesaver! I typically wear Parker in the Moby wrap carrier and Kris uses the more manly (and easier to put on!) Ergo. Parker loves being close to us and being walked around the house. During the late nights that she has (thankfully not that often!) when we've tried everything to get her to calm down, sometimes all she wants to do is be carried in the Moby or Ergo. That's fine with us because our arms get tired after a while--and she's still really little! Imagine how tired our arms will get as she grows! I'm glad that she enjoys the carriers because that's one of the baby items I was really excited about.

The Ergo really resembles a backpack, but I swear that it's not :) Look at Parker looking up at her Daddy!

You can barely tell that there's a baby in that thing!

Even though the Ergo is for carrying, Parker enjoys being rocked while in it too.

I see you Parker!

I believe that both of the carriers go up to at least 40 pounds so we will be getting some great use out of them!

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