Thursday, January 28, 2016

Home Updates: Family & Dining Room

Remember in the last post I mentioned how the original playroom wall color made my skin crawl?  Welp, the family and living room weren't much better.  I mean, come on.  Purple walls?? Had to go stat.  As did the general dark vibe this room gave off.  Even with three sliding glass doors letting in loads of natural light, the overwhelmingly heavy colors made the room feel sad.  But as I typically do, I was able to see the potential in this space.  Large and open and exiting right to our deck, I knew we would spend a lot of time in this area and wanted to get it right.


The very night we moved in I made it my mission to paint the floor trim and built ins white which immediately cleaned up the space.  Up next was three coats of a light blue paint and a nice mix of bright and rustic elements.  I recently white-washed the fireplace to rid it of it's 70s vibe and my handy husband tore down the oh so hideous mantle and replaced it with something more our style.

I'm not sold on the yellow curtains I bought the month we moved in but they still remain since I'm having a hard time finding the perfect fit.  I'm thinking maybe a tan of some sorts might work well.  Something that's not so bright and cheery since we have a lot of that going on already (helloooo red couch and blue rug).

The connected dining room also got a much needed facelift. New light fixture, wainscoating and once again, pops of color.  Not much eating goes on here though typically as 9 times out of 10 it functions as an arts and crafts area for the girls.

Still up on the to-do list: replacing the sliding glass doors with french doors (much too chilly to tackle right now) and maybe some crown molding if Kris wants to tackle that project.  But for the most part this room is complete and cozy and a great space for relaxation and play :)

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