Friday, January 8, 2016

Doing Disney: Day Five

On the fifth day of Disney my true love gave to me...sleeping in with no alarm clock.  Sounds good to me.  The girls were happy to chill for a bit on our patio and take in the sights.  If you know me you know that I have an issue with sitting still.  Enough of this lazing around.  Time to go DO something! So off to the hospitality house we went.

Curls for days.
The morning started off a tad chilly so after a long time playing on the playground and working up a sweat the girls requested to cool off in the pool.  Ummmm it was like 64 degrees.  Thanks but no thanks.  Time for a different distractions: crafts and movies.  Great idea Old Key West!

Parker, Teagan, and lets not lie here, even me, totally enjoyed making bracelets and necklaces.  That was until I realized how flimsy the clasps were and yep, beads all over the floor.  Way to go, mom.  Nothing I can't fix!

After getting in tough with our artsy side it was only right to hit up the check in area and request some more balloons and catch part of a Jake episode.  These kids, living the good life.  

Finally the temperature was approaching 68 degrees so hey, warmer than up North right? No better time to switch to suits and take a dive in.  I opted for the hot tub with my little ladies by my side.  Both are huge fans of hot tubs.  Here they are sitting so sweet and innocently.  But don't let that fool you.  One of these kids decided it was a good idea to LICK the hand rail going into the hot tub. My look of horror resulted in fits of giggles. Blleeeeeechhhhh.  I'll let you guess who that could be. I'll give you a hint.  It was the same kid who randomly started to bust a move on a beach chair.  

Little kiddie pool.  Perfect amount of fun. 

Might just be the winner for best picture of the entire vacation. 

It's not a true poolside vacation without a fun drink amiright? No T, you cannot have a drink of my "juice." 

The only time it's okay to have arm rolls while poolside :)  :)

Around 4pm we packed up our belongings, headed back to the room, got ready, and caught a boat over to Disney Springs.  Being able to take a boat to a place filled with live entertainment, drinks, restaurants, and kiddie rides was the coolest.  The girls picked out souvenirs, Kris and I had the tastiest margaritas, and we took in the sights.  Not for too long though because we had to get back and get in bed.  Back to the Disney grind the next day!

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