Saturday, November 1, 2014

Three times as fun!

The cat is out of the #3 is on the way, arriving late April/early May.  We are thrilled to add antoher little one to our growing bunch!

The pregnancy thus far has pretty much mirrored that of Parker and Teagan.  Massive food adversions, not knowing what I want to eat until that exact second (Hot Pockets for breakfast? Sure.  Cheese and crackers for lunch? Why not. Boxed mashed potatoes for dinner? Never sounded better).  Like past pregnancies as well, I gravitate heavily towards processed foods in the first tri. Sheer exhaustion plagued me as well.  Every morning I was dragging myself out of bed, trying to keep my eyes open and not puke all day, coming home and passing out on the couch while still trying not to puke. It seemed never ending but as of about 12.5 weeks I am finally starting to feel more like myself.

Boy or girl??? Ahhh, I'm dying inside!!

We’ve been able to see our little pumpkin on two separate occasions.  Once early on at 6 weeks and again at week 12.  For the 12 week appointment we brought Parker along as she is very curious and excited about the new baby (she has mentioned it is a girl and we should name her Ashley.  She asks interesting questions, like does the food I eat fall on the baby? Does the baby cry inside my belly?).  For the big ultrasound mid-December we’ll bring the whole clan to see what’s cooking.

13 weeks

Kris wants a boy, I want a girl.  I’m pretty sure we’ll get one of those.  I’ve analyzed the heartbeats—148 at 6 weeks, 157 at 11 weeks, and 151 at 12 weeks.   I’ve analyzed the ultrasound pictures.  I have a conclusion about the gender—there is no conclusion until December 9th at 9am.  Our big day.

Today I’m 14 weeks 1 day along.  Early into the 2nd trimester and hopefully getting to the peak of my energy during this pregnancy.  Which is good, because I tend to paint the entire house when I’m pregnant and our new home needs it.  Love the house but I could not pick more hideous paint colors if I tried.  So far we’ve paint Parker and Teagan’s room, the living and dining room, and the family room.  I primed the half bath and painted half of the kitchen before I realized I could not stand the new color.  Off to find a new color soon.

In other news, last night was Halloween! 35 degrees (feel like temp was 27) and it snowed the entire time.  Still a blast.  We ran around the sub with neighbor friends for about an hour.  At that point, Parker started crying because it was so cold.  Back inside sounds good to me! We cuddled up, watched some Halloween shows, and handed out candy.

Some pics of our (many) Halloween outings this year.

Subdivision party.  This sub throws loads of parties.  The Halloween one was complete with pony and unicorn rides (for real), a petting zoo, candy, and the best local cider and donuts you'll ever taste (why yes, Yates of course!)

Teagan appears mildly concerned.

This girl loves her a selfie.  I'm talking about Teagan.

Magical! Mythical!

School Halloween party, full of games, food, friends, and fun!

Minds are blown

Real life sisters!

My office Halloween bash:

Bump ahead.  Get it?1 ;) 

Cheese and crackers are always a hit

One day I will get a picture with everyone smiling and everyone looking at the camera.  One day.

And finally, actual Halloween with the neighborhood crew.

Whew! I have so much still to catch up on.  Disney, Teagan and Parker turning a year older, etc.  Soon :)

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