Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Parker is 4!

Now, I haven't blogged about this yet....right?! ;)

Four years of loving on this sassy, goofy, caring little lady. The baby girl who made me a mama, who mirrors me from her looks to her silliness to her stubbornness,, who loves to cuddle, who calls me her "best mama."  My Parker Sophia!

At age four, Parker is into:

The farm.  And how could she not? Since she was a wee little thing we’ve been heading 30 minutes north for a little taste of the country life.  Chickens, kittens (her absolute, hands down favorite thing ever), horses, magic shows, farm shows, hay rides, pony rides, pumpkin picking, cider, donuts…what’s not to love? Our summers and falls are not complete without spending long days at the farm.

Friends. While we loved our old house dearly, the schools were just…mediocre.  Go a few miles north while remaining in the same town but within a new school zone and you’re into nationally ranked territory.  When touring our new house the first time I was pleasantly surprised to see the culdesac filled with young children and their parents, all socializing and having fun.  I chatted with one of the moms who told me that this area draws people just like us—moving solely for the excellent schools—and that we would fit right in.

And fit right in we did.  Countless days and nights have been spent in the court, in neighbors homes, in our backyards.  Everyone really is just like us and it warms my heart to see Parker building these friendship with her little neighbor friends.  On this particular evening, the neighborhood crew ventured out for a Halloween pumpkin lighting event and hay sliding.  Parker of course had a blast.

Being a princess J Because why not!    

Loving life.  Enjoying her birthday at a local indoor play place.  I can’t tell you how many times she went down that two story orange slide, or helped her baby sister up the structure, or had slide races.

American Girl dolls! Parker (and let’s not lie, her mama too) is obsessed with her new Isabelle.  Every night Isabelle is dressed in her jammies and every morning gets dressed into her clothes for the day.  Parker loves browsing through the American Girl catalog and measuring her Isabelle to the one in the magazine.  Now Isabelle isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.   She has caused a lot of drama between big and lil sis.  Teagan always wants her and while Pakrer is pretty good with sharing, she also wants to play with her doll on her own (and rightfully so).  So Santa may be bringing Teagan her own AG very soon :)

Whenever I ask Parker what she's going to ask Santa for Christmas, she replies, "An American Girl doll for my baby sister Teagan."  So sweet.  

Sweets.  Devouring my homemade number 4 birthday cake right here.  We’re semi potty training Teagan right now (she’s actually pretty much doing it on her own) and at first as a reward we’d give Teagan an M&M when she went potty.   Teagan ended up not caring too much about the chocolate motivation but who was quick to remind us to dish it out? Miss P.   

Present opening was a lot of fun..for Parker at least.  Poor Teags.

Parker has been looking forward to her Chuck E Cheese birthday party for months, ever since her friend had a party there this past summer, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Seating for 22 kids...whoa!

Serious business at CEC

Game face

This cake...incredible, right?!

In all her glory

Spend thousands of dollars at Disney and Teagan wanted nothing to do with the stuffed characters.  Spend $22 at CEC and she's obsessed with the mouse.  Go figure.

Ticketblaster! Parker was very hesitant.  I was pumped. 

Other exciting times for Miss P.  Pumpkin painting and decorating.

I die laughing at this picture every time.  Parker! Painting her face lol.

So glad that we have these two little girls :)

Happy 4th birthday sweet thang!

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