Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Recap: Teagan Turned Two!

**Disclaimer: I currently suffer from a very real condition called Pregnancy Brain.  I realized as Parker and I were looking at the blog that I already wrote a post about Teagan's birthday.  Oh well.  Here are more pics!! :-P**

Birthdays are supposed to be all about what you want to do on your special day.  So on Teagan's special day what did she choose to do? Sleep until 4pm.  Not out of character in the least bit and highly appropriate for doing things the way Teagan wanted them done :)

Once our sleepy head woke up we broke into the presents, ordered take out french fries and ranch (a Teagan favorite), visited one of her favorite parks, indulged in Coldstone cupcakes, and refrained from singing Happy Birthday (we had no choice--Teagan cannot stand when we sing that song.  Like screams no and is near tears.  Silly girl).  It was a great day celebrating as a family and loving on Teagan.  Our two year old!!

All of us (minus sleepy T) stayed up late decorating with streamers, signs, and balloons.  Lots of balloons. 

Color changing mermaid Barbie was a huge hit.

I couldn't help but to dress Teagan in the exact same outfit Parker wore when celebrating her 2nd birthday.  

Our so sweet Teagan

Teagan is really into playing mommy.  She loves cuddling, feeding, kissing boo boos, and just taking good care of them in general.

Teagan's signature "ole" pose

These girls make my heart melt.

A snapshot of Teaegan at two:
  • she loves "chicky nuggets"
  • can sleep in like no other.  Typically weekends include sleeping in until 2pm.  Do we have a toddler or a teenager? 
  • her easy, go with the flow personality continues.  Rarely cries, always smiles.
  • loves singing Twinkle Twinkle (Finkle Finkle lol), ABCs, Peter Rabbit, Rock a Bye Baby, and more
  • can count to 10
  • she is in the clingy phase.  If a stranger is close she must be in mama's arms
  • is still obsessed with Coconut and Almond milk.  We got through about half a gallon every two days! I'm not sure if Teagan is still sensitive to cow's milk since we haven't tried it in a long time but I'm not about to rock the boat.
  • picky eater for the most part, but she loves her some sliced cheese and Go-Gurt
  • very good at describing her feelings (my tired, my hungry), is polite (lots of "peas" and "fank yous," loving (always says "yuv you" and gives lots of hugs of kisses, and has those gorgeous ringlet curls 

Happy birthday Teagan!! I'm so lucky to be your mama!!

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