Friday, October 10, 2014

Magical, wonderful Disney!

Ahhhh, Disney really WAS the most magical place! Let’s recap, shall we? 

The flight down was early yet surprisingly uneventful.  Both girls did fine on their first plan experience and we landed in Florida welcomed by palm trees and better yet, the ability to just grab out carry-on bags on saunter over to Disney’s Magical Express.  No waiting for our four huge and heavy check bags.  Nopers, Disney took care of that for us and our bags arrived in our hotel room mere hours later.

Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom was impressive.  The service, the detail, the views—impeccable. Our room was fantastic with views of the 20+ variety of animals hanging out in the savanna.  Being able to sit on your balcony and enjoy giraffes, zebras, and the like was neat for all of us.  I’m a pool person (hence us heavily considering putting an in ground pool in come spring) and this pool did not disappoint.  The zero depth entrance was nice for girls to enjoy without me worrying (though Puddle Jumpers helped tremendously too), the kiddie slide was a hit with both P & T, and the kiddie splash area was a nice break from the actual pool.  Our check in day, check out day, and one full day were spent poolside.  It made for a very nice break from the 90 degree days!
It rained almost every day but typically not for long

A bed fit for a queen

Three out of the seven zebras munching on grass

Sunday, day one of our Disney park adventure, we were on the bus in time to make it to Magic Kingdom a solid 30 minutes prior to opening.  We purposely chose to vacation at Disney in September since it’s their slowest time of year but even then there was still a pretty big line.  Not to fear though, Disney put on a great “pre-opening” show and loads of characters arrived on the train right in front of us.  
Best seat in the house!

Our first glimpse at Elsa and Anna!!

But when the gates opened we booked it, double stroller and all, directly to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel.  Booking it worked because we were first in line! Seeing that first princess, Rapunzel, was nothing short of pure awesomeness.   So real looking and the topic of conversation was all Rapunzel related—Flynn Rider, the frying pan, everything made you feel as though you were right with Rapunzel in Tangled.   I was psyched, Parker was excited, stunned, and surprised, and Teagan was very cautious.  
Told you we booked it...only a few people made it in front of us

Cinderella was just as sweet.  She talked to us about her mice and the beautiful dresses the mice would make for her to wear. It was at this moment that I decided I wanted to move to Florida and become a Disney princess.  I'm sure there are engineering jobs down there for Kris, right? And it's always warm, not 37 degrees with frost at 630am on October 10th.  I'm not bitter, just bitterly cold.

Not having to wait in long lines was the theme of our trip.  Most rides were well under 20 minutes, lots had no wait at all.  For anything with a long wait (just Peter Pan’s ride and Elsa and Anna) we used our fast pass.  Win win! The teacups were no exception.  Walk right up and ride! We probably spun around in those things a half dozen times.  

This girl is NOT turning 4 next week, is she?!?

Under the Sea with Ariel was a nice break from the heat.  Plus I think Parker was pretty happy about it.

More pics and recaps to come.  Happy weekend!

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