Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy birthday baby Teagan!

Our baby girl is two! TWO!

A snapshot into the world of Teagan Noelle:

Bathing suit baker

-we are talking up a storm now a days.  Everything from “more sippy, peas!” to “boo boo right here.  Kiss is peas” to the occasional (let’s be real, often) “NOT NICE (insert mommy, daddy, Synee, Karker.”  Teagan is now able to pronounce her name as well! Up until recently she called herself Tega.  Now, it’s Teagan.  I kind of like “Tega” though ;)

She's enjoying reading too.  Never too early to bust out a Christmas book!
-food preferences are evident.  “Chicky nuggets,” pouches, Go-Gurt, “manas (bananas), and mac and cheese are staples in this house.
And on this particular day, string cheese made her smile.

-dancer! Teagan loves, loves, loves to move and groove.  If there’s music playing, Teagan will move to it.  One of her favorite numbers is the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

However, after a long day of traveling to Disney and swimming, baby girl needed to relax.  Poolside of course.

-speaking of Mickey Mouse, Teagan will plop herself on the couch and sweet ask for “Mickey Mouse?” If we say not right now, epic drama unfolds. 

Yes, even this sweet babe has major tantrums. 

-she loves being picked up and is (finally!!) starting to enjoy cuddling.  Teagan loves running back and forth the room giving out hugs and always wants her boo-boos kissed.

Teagan pretty much loved hugging the princesses, then sprinting back to the safety of my arms. (at Cinderella's Royal Table.  Ah.may.zing)

-we own approximately 52,498 toys.  However, there is constant battling between #1 and #2 over a toy one has found that the other must have at that moment or the world will end. Really? The baby doll at the bottle of the toy chest that no one has touched in 8 months is now the most coveted item in the entire house?!?!

No fighting here though. 

-Teagan knows her ABCs, can count from 1 to 10, and sings Let It Go, Twinkle Twinkle, and various songs from school (Clean Up song, Good Morning song, Jump Up and Down song). 

Teagan can also rock an Ariel costume like no one can.

So there you have it! Baby girl is 2! Love you forever my sweetie pie. 

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