Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Things and more things

A few short weeks ago at 1145pm while wrapping up our huge magnetic/chalkboard wall (pics to come) I decided it was time to put away my junk of a cell phone and low quality photos (waiting for the next iPhone to release in September) and dust off all my nice camera equipment.  It’s been too long since I captured these beauties. 

I love watching them being them.  Just enjoying life without a care in the world.  Other than a bug on the trampoline.  Teagan cares about that.  Girl FREAKS at bugs.  I get it. 

I don't think that I'll ever get sick of our backyard view

So high!

In a little over a month at the new house we've had countless days out in the court, in backyards, or on porches with the neighbors and kids.  We had a neighborhood bonfire and a party.  A rib and beer party (that we sadly missed.  Kris was in CA for work and me and my gals headed to OH), a summer sub party, and another adults only party on the calendar for Saturday.

 Have I mentioned that I am in love with this sub? Because I am. We're so lucky to have been welcomed with open arms by those we'll see on a daily basis for hopefully many years to come.

Back to Ohio.  The weekend was jam packed with two trips to the county fair, El Vaquero (cannot resist!), and the Columbus Zoo.  Ahhhh do I love that zoo! We were lucky enough to get a look at the new Africa area and it did not disappoint in the least bit.


Can you see the concern plastered all over her face? 

Nope, nope...not actually in Africa.  Columbus, OH rather!

Monkey see...

...monkey do

We're gearing up to fly out to Disney in about three weeks! I cannot believe this trip we've planned down to the detail for the past 9 months is almost upon us.  Almost daily Parker and I chat about it. How we're eating lunch w/ Cinderella, riding Aladdin's magic carpets, and meeting Anna and Elsa (thank the lord for FastPass.  No 6 hour Frozen lines for us!

Happy August!

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