Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Home sweet home finally!

Let’s start with the good.  We hit the subdivision jackpot.  The bulk of our cul-de-sac is filled with young kids and parents just like us.  The selling agent actually lives in the sub too.  Always a good sign when a real estate professional lives next to you!  While we spent a lot of the weekend unpacking and painting, we also spent a lot of time outside socializing and watching the little ones run around.  SO refreshing, especially coming from a sub where it’s on the more antisocial end of the spectrum.

We LIKE to have fun!

Parker transitioned to a big kid bike this weekend. Big kid princess bike to be exact, training wheels and all.  The other three and four year olds in the sub were riding around so time for Parker to do the same.  Scares the hell out of me watching her whip around the court but I’m so proud of her.  Got right on it, no fear, and started riding like it was no big deal.

Goofy as can be dressed in her Hawaiian gear for luau day at school.

In other Parker news, she slept all night by herself in HER OWN ROOM.  I can count on two hands the number of times this as happened.  We've been talking a lot about the new house = big girl room = you sleep there all night and don’t get up.  All our chats paid off! Go Parker!

You go girl at Goldfish too!
Poor Teagan was a bit sick during the move.  Fever, grumpy, body rash (which turned out to be bug bites + some irritation (perhaps from the new carpet we had installed) but was in the good hands of Nana and Pap! Thank God they came up and whisked the children away from us for an entire weekend.  Without their help moving would  have been impossible.  Not exaggerating. 

I am loving decorating this house.  My vision really is coming to life. From curtains to throws to pillows, I have been searching, buying and color coordinating for months now.  It’s really fun to put our personal touch on this house and make it our home.  Parker’s room is completely painted, I half ass hung curtains (15 mintues to hang the rods said the instructions.  Ha.  Triple that number), and the decorating is underway.  Teagan’s room is half painted.  Baby steps but we’re on our way!

We are both happy about it!
The new carpet upstairs was a well needed update.  The new stainless appliances make the cherry cabinets and corian countertops look even better.  The movers did a fantastic job and took some of the moving stress off our hands.  The swing set mover was phenomenal.  All the kids in the sub have enjoyed it this weekend. Along with the trampoline left by the previous owners!

Now let’s chat about the bad, shall we?

Bad news say baby T.
Our brand new Samsung French door fridge…Doesn’t fit.  But I’m hoping with a little nudge of the surrounding cabinets we’ll be able to make it work.  Our brand new Samsung microwave…Doesn’t heat up food.  So it was returned and exchanged.  The existing washing machine on the second story…I ran a load of laundry and came back twenty minutes later to water gushing out the front.  Thankfully the issue (broken seal) is covered by our inspectors warranty.  The hot water tank…Exploded.  The walk out basement…Flooded by the water tank.  My precious baby Teagan…found a red Sharpie in Parker’s empty bedroom at the old house.  Drew all over her legs.  By the grace of God not a dot ended up on the beige carpet. We were late to her sick doc visit so red Sharpie covered she went.  My precious baby Teagan again…was playing around in the car while I was chatting with the guy buying our house, pooped in her diaper, diaper leaked, and poop ended up all over my car.

Add this to the general stress of all your belongings in boxes, all parties exhausted, and new commutes…ugh! But life is good.  We feel very fortunate to be able to have our children in a nationally ranked district, in a great house, and in an even greater subdivision. 

Til next time!

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