Sunday, February 9, 2014


The much anticipated day arrived.  Dance class parent observation day.  Today we parents were not subjected to the hard hallway benches with a nice mix of coffee and gossip.  Oh no, today was the day of hard in studio benches with a nice mix of coffee and gossip.  Sign me up week after week for this!

Tap and ballet, following the teachers lead, impromptu hand holding with her dance BFF, waves, grins and thumbs up to me.  Made my Saturday that's for sure.  Kris stayed back with Teagan as she was super sick (but on the mend today) but I, miss video challenged, miss why-did-this-damn &*#%#!!-device not record oh-wait-I-never-hit-play, captured almost the entire class on video, only breaking to take some pics:

Dance BFF.


And I cannot help but share this video of Parker's tip toeing across the room. Making it her own at the end and all :)


I have a couple more posts coming up that I just need to add some pictures too.  Teagan's 16 month post with all her leaps and bounds and our recently booked Disney trip--September at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Villas!


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  1. This is so precious! I love the first picture of them all lined up!