Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hearts full of love!

I'm a holiday junkie. Valentine's Day is no exception.

First up was a date day, just me and Kris.  Give us one day to ourselves and we will do it all.  In the span of time from 8am to 4pm we went out for breakfast, caught a movie (American Hustle along with my movie weakness, a blue Icee), went out for lunch, threw footballs, basketballs, and skeeballs at Dave and Busters, and night capped it with a leisurely stroll around Costco (of course we did, it's like my favorite place to shop ever). Oh yeah, and we also stopped in PetSmart to get some vday goodies for Sydney and of course it was pet adoption day.  For the record, I have less than a zero desire to bring another furry creature into this house but man, even I was tempted by those pups! Good thing I didn't have a drink with lunch or I might be out right now walking a little puppy in these frigid temps.

After that, it was home to spend the rest of the day with our littlest Valentines:

Food, more food!

Shoe addiction at age three.  Like mother like daughter. 

Parker and Teagan both had big V-day events at school.  Parker--a bring your own lunch for picnic day, V-day box decorating, V-day art, and V-day card exchange. Teagan--a potluck, V-day bag decorating, V-day art, and V-day card exchange. Throw all that V-day candy on top of the Halloween and Christmas sweets that we have yet to get to!

There's not such a thing as too many bubbles! Both girls handed out the same Valentines.  Easy!

P's packed lunch, heart shaped open face grilled cheese included.  No extra bread, no ratio of two slices of bread to one slice of cheese, no way.  Girl knows what she wants.

At home we kept the party going strong.

Balloon sticks, reckless limbs, and little eyes do not mix.  Live and learn. 

Mix of some of my fave colors!

Don't all 30 year olds with two little ones drink mustache wine? No? 

Girlies also enjoyed the love from Nani and Papi via flower crowns, bath toys and bracelets!

True love!

Another fun holiday under our belts. Next one up--Presidents Day! And yes, that is a legit holiday because this girl has an office with a closed sign on Monday. Kris works though so it's going to be a girls only day.  I see visions of the mall play place and double decker merry go round in our future!

Little goofball Parker!

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