Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teagan at 16 months!

Teagan Noelle is 16 months! And, as most months in the toddler world go, it was filled with milestones.
Uhhhh...where did my baby go?! This girl looks big!

First and foremost, baby girl is walking! Almost the exact day she turned 15 ½ months she switched her mode of transportation from crawling to full blown walking.  As Teagan does, she waited until she was 100% confident in her ability to cross this milestone off her list.  Immediately she walked 20 steps. Then 30. Then 40. Then 72 before I stopped counting.    Since then she is now experimenting with running.  Girl can move!

If you visited our house you would think we lived in a barn due to all of Teagan’s animal noises.  When you ask her what a certain animal says or points to the picture, she’ll respond accurately with a moo, baa, ruff, grrr, who who, cockadoodle doo, etc.  The ruff is spot on. 

Dancing may be one of her favorite things to do.  If there’s a song playing on TV, she dances.  If a toy makes noise, she dances.  When she goes into our bedroom she tries to turn on the radio alarm clock and then, she dances.  Parker just outgrew her first pair of tap shoes—those bad boys are surely going to be worn by Teagan soon enough!

Teagan can point to her head, ears, nose, belly, and feet.  Language has exploded and she’s repeating everything.  From fighting words of  nah ni! (not nice!), and MI! (mine!) to ah done (all done), bookie (blankie which she is OBSESSED with and will not let out of her sight), sippy, keese (cheese), belllly, beh-boom (bedroom, where Sydney is banished to when she is misbehaving), Sinee (Sydney).

Budding artist.

Other things:

-Stacking blocks is one of her biggest talents.  She will put one on top of the next until the tower gets taller than she is. 

-Sleep is back on track! After three straights months of living in the worst hell imaginable, sleep hell, she decided one night to stay in her crib all night long.  And the next night, and the next night, and so on. 

-We’re still on a dairy free after lunch diet and that’s going really well.  Silk almond milk is her main beverage and I was stoked to find dairy free coconut yogurt! Quite the picky little eater, 9 times out of 10 she will eat yogurt so it’s nice to have this dairy free version available for those after lunch meals.

-If you correct Teagan’s behavior, like by saying “not for Teagan,” poor thing just melts down and cries. Such a sensitive little sweetie!

-Elmo.  Loves Elmo.  I’m sure she’s really going to love Elmo even more after our outing to Sesame Street Live this weekend.

I forgot just how much fun this phase is.  Probably my favorite phase so far! Keep staying cute and darling baby Teagan!

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  1. They are so freaking cute!! How are they this big already?