Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy 3rd my dear!

My Parkie So, my punk-a-lunks, my baby girlfriend, and all the other nicknames I’ve blessed you with—you’re 3!

Light reading before ballet.

To imagine that three years ago it was just me and Kris, anxiously waiting our 9 DAY OVERDUE first born.  I knew that I would love her.  That was a given.  I just didn’t know how much.  From the moment she was laid on my chest, I knew that I was here for her, just as much as she was here for me. 

Princess Aurora in all her glory.

I feel such a sense of gratitude every single day over the relationship that’s blossomed between us.  A mini-version of myself, we get each other.  We love, we play silly games, she yells and I breathe loooong sloooow deep breaths, we cuddle, we chat, we swap stories as often as we do nail polish.

Making a wish!

And so I can always remember this piece of time… 

 Snapshot of Parker at 3:


·         Good friend.  A couple weeks ago a friend of mine stopped over to return some tools her fiance borrowed.  Along with tools came beer and liquor as a thank you.  The liquor was ice cream flavored.  We oooo’d and ahhh’d, and discussed the important topic of mixers.  Parker, listening as always, was desperate for the “ice cream.” I explained it was alcohol.  She said no, you said it was ice cream.  Back and forth until I agreed that after dinner we could have actual ice cream, B&J’s Milk and Cookies.  Parker happily ate her treat and said to me, “Mommy, could I please have a bowl of ice cream to bring to S (her neighbor friend). S would be very sad if she didn’t have any ice cream! I had ice cream so S needs ice cream too.” Bless her little heart.  So we scooped some ice cream in a bowl, “don’t forget a spoon!” I was reminded, and we walked next door to deliver the treat.  Always thinking of others.

Waiting patiently for a birthday cupcake, wet hair all over the place.

·         School: loved by all.  The kids adore Parker because of her ability to get along with others.  She has this mothering instinct that appeared right around her first birthday and has never faded away.  She hugs, tucks friends in, just really does a fine job all-around of making sure her buddies are taken care of.  

I get really excited about things .

Parker's also loved by her teachers, the word favorite being thrown around a lot.  And the feeling is reciprocated. Not a day goes by that I don't thank the high heavens for finding such great ladies to care for my own little ladies.  Truly like family, they hold a very special place in our hearts. Caring for our children not only while at school but in our own home as well, keeping open lines of communication, and dishing out hugs and kisses like none other, we have it made. Forever I am grateful for the experiences Parker is able to have while Kris and I are able to hold careers we enjoy and provide for our family.  I hope this trait of behaving, listening, and treating her teachers with respect will last well into her elementary, middle and high school years and that she will continue to be seen in this great light.

Learning a ton! The educational things, sure, like colors, shapes, and letters, nature, writing and art, but most importantly she’s learning how to be a social being.  How to deal when a classmate steals a toy, how to share, how to play, how to fight, how to make up, how to express herself.  Gifts I could never bless her with on my own, gifts I’m so glad she’s able to experience.

Cupakes for her school birthday party, made by mama. The toppers are rings!

·         Loving sis.  90% of the time Parker dotes all over Teagan.  Shares snack and brings her toys. Sings her songs and gives out kisses.  The other 10% of the time? It’s filled with yelling.  And toy yanking.  I’ll take the bad if it means I get to take the good as well :)

Birthday morning decor, complete with purple sprinkle pancakes!

·         Independent: likes to use the bathroom by herself (actually shuts the door so we can’t come in!), fully dresses herself each and every morning—from undies, to tights/socks, to dresses, shoes and coat—and it’s very much appreciated, and gets her own snack from the fridge and panty.

Cannot love this picture any more. 


Obsessed with: 
Sofia the First.  One of her b-day gifts is going to see the Disney Sofia show in a couple weeks.  She. Will. Freak.  
 Bedsharing.  I’ve half-heartedly tried to get P to sleep in her own bed, but honestly I like the cuddles and she sleeps the best this way.  Win win for now.

 Telling stories! From sleeping over at C’s house, her school crush, where they found a huge squirrel in his sleeping bag (never happened) to kissing C, school crush again, while at dance class (which he does not attend) because he fell and hit his head, it’s amazing to see those wheels a churnin.  

Names 90% of her baby dolls Diva. 

39 inches (90th percentile) and 31 1/2 pounds (60th percentile).  Long and lean!


Me: Parker, what would I do without you in my life
P: You would sit in the sunshine and wait for me.

Blessed. Happy. Lucky. On top of the world.  You mean more to me than you will ever know baby girl.  Looking forward to everything this next year brings!


  1. Hi Stacie!

    I found your blog about a year ago and check in every once in a while. I have two little boys around the same age as your girls and like to get another mom's prespective on life with two! Anyways, I'm just curious what daycare/school you speak so highly of. I live in Troy and we are thinking of having a third in the somewhat near future. Currently my boys are with family while I work part time, but that may not be an available option when we have a third. Like you, I research a lot before making big decisions for my kids and having someone care for them, other than yourself, is one of those major ones!!

    By the way, although I have boys, I referred your Etsy shop to a couple of family members in the area who have little girls. Makes me want a girl too!!!

    1. Hey girl, sorry I just saw your comment!

      If you want to shoot me an email I'll tell you all about it :) Just don't want to put the name on the blog for all the weirdos in the internet world lol. Super cool that you're right next door to me, with two, and planning a third. We sound like the same person ;)

      So nice of you to refer the shop! Thanks a million!

      sweetestsunshines at gmail dot com

    2. Email sent! Thanks a bunch!!

      PS: I feel your sleep deprivation pain. My 10.5 month old has been having the same screaming fits and awake periods at night. I'm wondering if it's molars coming in. Hoping its a short lived phase regardless!!