Saturday, November 2, 2013

Baby Teagan is 13 months, or should I say toddler Teagan!

The life and times of Teagan Noelle at 13 months

Enjoying a chilly afternoon at the cider mill with daddy, goats, and cider.  How could you not smile?

·         Crawls up the stairs.  Out of the blue one day, with no prior attempts, and made it up both flights of stairs.  And again and again and again.  This is T’s method.  Once she’s finally ready, she does it.  None of this practicing garbage, nuh uh. 

What kind of mom doesn't realize when a goat is about to munch on her own child? This mom.  But in a turn of events, the goat ate my Uggs instead. 

·         Still such a smiley thing.  Many of my coworkers haven’t met Teagan yet (big office) so it was introduction day at our Halloween Bash. Of course she gave all these “strangers” their fair share of grins. 

Halloween trick or treating--round 3 of like 7.  No joke.

·         Semi-picky eater.  My homemade zucchini and cheese latkes? Forcibly removed from T’s mouth by herself and thrown on the ground.  Same with raspberries (do you know what a mess raspberries make when thrown around your house? Because I do), hummus, guac, etc.  Favorite items include cheese (obvi, she was birthed from my body after all), yogurt, pasta with marinara, and whatever I’m eating.

·         Stands on her own for a couple seconds

·         Throws herself back when mad—can we say temper tantrum?!

Fell asleep, sitting up (which never happens) from (most likely) Rotavirus.  Ughhhh.

·         Likes handing things to us and saying “tank u” for “thank you”

·         Plays everything with Parker—princess castle, balls games, all of it.

·         Superb skills.  This has been going on for a while, but Teagan really knows how to manipulate toys.  She understands cause and effect—I press this button, it makes a sound.  I put this doll in this chair, she sings a song.  It’s pretty neat just to sit back and watch her learn. 

· but to dance when music is on, whether it’s TV or toy. 

·         It hurts to even type this, but bad sleeper. I’ll fully admit it.  I was sleep smug T’s first year of life.  The kid rarely woke up in the night.  She sleeps in a crib (what was a foreign concept to me).  We lay her in said crib and walk out of the room and she falls asleep.  On her OWN (mind blown).  So I got cocky and decide to throw a wrench in everything thinking we would walk out unscathed.

Pointing at everything.

First thing—I quit nursing at 10 ½ months and switched T to formula.  I could not have been more over nursing.  Really, the pumping is what put me over the edge.  I’m not even going to get into my routine of pumping while driving (for serious, and it’s safer than it sounds) and being pregnant and/or breastfeeding for 3 ½ years. 

I just can't tell if she likes the hayride.

So we made the switch and finding an organic formula was tough.  So tough that we had to order it from Europe.  Not a single US organic formula is truly “organic” much to my dismay so when ran out during vacation, without access to boat to take us to England, we bought a small tub of Earth’s Best, mixed it with whole milk, and started the transition. 

Note to self: do not wear heeled boots at a cider mill.  Especially when you go on a hiking path.  A wet hiking path. 

Since vacation in early September, T’s sleep has been wack.  Thrown off first by no more nursing, then by the not so comfy pack-n-play and new condo digs.  Then it was a cold, a fever, a cough, possible Rotavirus.  And now after two months of horrible sleep, like really horrible—I was up from 345am to 515am with her a couple nights ago, after not being able to lay her back in her crib, trying to cuddle with her, and multiple screaming wake ups, and we’re at a loss. This is after being up with her from 11pm to 3am just a few nights prior.  Kris and I take shifts--him one night, me the next--so we've both had our fair share of all nighters. Perhaps it’s the whole milk so we’re switching away from that for the time being.  If anyone has any milk alternatives and healthy fat options to replace the fat in whole milk, I’m all ears.  We’re doing fish oil and daily egg yolks for the time being and soy milk since we’re in a bind. Almond milk isn’t allowed at school (due to nut allergies) and I saw coconut milk but know nothing about it.  Goat’s milk is too close to that of cows, so what next?  

Happy 13th month, miss Teags! Love you a little more each and every day.


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! I can't believe our little ones are toddlers now. Evan is on soy milk and I've been diligent about loading up on the dairy daily to help with some of the fat. String cheese, yogurt, etc. We do eggs a couple times a week. He still gets one bottle of formula at bedtime per our pediatrician's request. Hope the soy milk works!

  2. I'm still waiting for Teagan to actually toddle lol. My bet is by Christmas we'll have some steps. She needs to hang around Evan to see what this walking this is all about :)

    Ahhh, I knew Evan had dairy issues but didn't realize he was on soy. Is he on formula for the extra nutrients? I was thinking about trying out a toddler formula.