Saturday, October 5, 2013

Phone dump

Tiny glimpses of the past two weeks, in no particular order:

First ballet & tap class today! Parker rocked it in her butterfly dance skirt (one of her favorite things).  I was so proud of my big girl for going in the class, full of new friends and a new teacher, sans tears and epic meltdowns. Teagan and I chilled at the studio during the class and my heart absolutely burst when Parker ran out of her class, huge smile plastered on her face.  Lessons are closed door (bummer!) but a couple times the door opened.  I saw Parker, in line with her classmates, tapping away.  Excitement doesn't not come close to describing how I feel about her Christmas Spectacular recital in two months. 

Safety first--baby Cinderella in her infant seat while in the car.  Speaking of safety, we've been having loads of safety talks with Parker.  She's in a phase of loving moving down the chest clip on her car seat because "that's where it goes."

Fruit pickin! We loaded up--apples, pumpkins, raspberries, and gourds.  We could have got it all--cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, & more, but with Kris in France for two weeks I knew there was no way we'd make a dent in a list like that.  Parker loved being able to pick, and lets be honest--eat, the fruit.

I never back-carried a babe but inspired by a lengthy carrier discussion with a fellow hayride mama I decided to give it a whirl.  How one goes about doing this on their own I'm not sure (Kris helped) so that's one for YouTube.  Teagan was content for about 20 minutes then lost it.  T is the poster child for de-tachment parenting.  Loves the stroller, hates being worn (at least with me--Kris, she eats it up).  Loves the crib, hates cuddling (with both of us).  Polar opposite the bigger version of her.  

More cider mill fun.  Lots of playgrounds, kid John Deere tractors, huge inflatable bouncing things and more.  We spent four hours at the cider mill and three hours picking fruit the next weekend.  And we could have stayed longer.

Animals were visited too. Baby chicks, goats, ponies.  Always a blast.  

Until next time!

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  1. Love that she's dancing! So cute. Seems like yesterday that was Natalie and now we are full on in the world of dance, and Caroline too. It's a crazy, expensive, wild ride...but worth everything when you see your little girl on stage dancing her heart out and so full of the love of it! There is nothing like it. Enjoy!!!!!