Monday, October 21, 2013

Life happenings

(1) Parker is super into books on CD.  First introduced at school and now at home, girl cannot get enough.  One evening as the girls and I chatted with Kris while he was in France, he instructed me to (1) go to the laptop, (2) find the desktop (sometimes the impossible task, THANK YOU Windows 8), and (3) open the green icon.

This is what I found:

A collection of books on tape, from a dad to his daughter. 

(2) I pinned, I did--Caramel Apple Cider.  Tasty.  Smirnoff was the only caramel flavored vodka I found and while certainly not my vodka of choice, it went surprisingly well with the cider.  The vodka is insanely sweet so pour with caution.

(3) With the Halloween season comes Halloween crafts.  I embrace Halloween with open arms.  My house is completely decorated with pumpkins, spiderwebs, witches, framed printables, and more--inside and out.  One trick-or-treating party under our belts, compliments of P and T's school, another one this weekend at one of the outdoor malls, followed by my office and actual Halloween around the sub, we will be ghost and goblin'd out by the end of October. Just as it should be :)   

Both Parker and Teagan participated in the pumpkin craft but Teagan quickly lost interest.  Thank the lord for a package of wipes.  Saves the day every time.

Parker's on the right.  All pieces put into place all by herself!

Happy camper thanks to Nature Babycare wipes.  Multipurpose, who knew?!

(4) Parker turned 3! I'll post more about this later, but poor thing is so confused about birthdays right now.  We had a party at our house, a party at school with her friends, and her actual bday where, as per usual, Kris and I took the day off to celebrate as a family.  Now when Parker wakes up she asks, "is it my birthday again?? do I get more presents??" Next year, kid!

I made a bomb cake to go along with her obsession--Sofia the First.  Cake made my yours truly and compliments on the topper belong to Etsy. How COOL is this thing?! Not only does this seller have incredible reviews, but she has a great selection, does custom orders, was a speedy shipper, and best of all made for the happiest three year old on her special day. I was pretty proud of myself too for pulling off this layer cake, especially since baking is not my forte.  Let's not talk about how late into the evening I was up cranking out this bad boy.

(5) Etsy shop is up and running! Ever since Parker was born I've been a wee ::cough cough:: shall we say obsessed on unhealthy levels with hair accessories.  From clips to headbands to hair ties, I've certainly been there and done that.  What a better idea than to make my own creations!

For now, I'm enjoying making some personalized items for girls.  With no marketing yet--no Facebook, no Etsy ad space, no nothing, I've sold one headband (and in turn got a great review) and received lots of "favorites."  We'll see where I go next with this little hobby.

Sweetest Sunshines on Etsy

(6) Goodnight and sweet dreams all!


  1. Congratulations on your Etsy shop! The headbands look beautiful! I'll have to pass on your shop to a friend of mine who loves buying headbands and bows for her 1 year old! She lives in the same city as you too! That cake looks awesome!! Yum...

    1. Awww, thanks! I love buying things from local Etsy sellers so it would be cool to be on the selling end of it :) The cake was delicious, though of course my self control flew out the window...