Friday, February 22, 2013


I have been gingerly informed by my sister that I am the latest recipient of the blogging slacker award. 

Last week I went to power up the laptop and it didn’t respond.   “Oh no, laptop broke.  Batteries dead.  People fix it for us.” I would have used some choice words but Parker summed it up pretty nicely.  The two year warranty expired in October.  Of course it did.  So unless the geniuses at Birmingham Geek can perform some magic on it for the price tag of practically free we’re in the market for a new computer.  I’m liking those ultrabooks that are a tablet and laptop in one but we already have a Kindle Fire so that may be tablet overload.  Desktops are not up my alley.  Any suggestions, friends?

No laptop = no DSLR photo transferring and no Photoshop which = no good photos which = lack of blogging.  I do have my phone but the photo snob in me is not down with the picture quality. Oh, and it’s tax season again so I’m slammed.  Yippity doo dah yippity day. I have no patience for dumb but apparently many, many people missed that memo.  I won’t be sad if my next maternity leave falls from January through April so I can miss out on all the insanity. 

Other than that it’s been the same old awesomeness.  Trying out new recipes on the weekends, loving on my babes after my office time, watching like 30 different Harlem Shake videos (there's an Ohio University one guys!) shopping (though I need to get better about buying some stuff for ME and not the babies—this weekend, I promise!).  I mean, even I don’t have aviators.

I do have pretty pink nail polish though that I share with Parker.

Typical Teagan, smiling away.  

Parker gave the camera some lovin too.

Now I'm off to see what the Schwan's man can offer me.  I have fond memories of eating Schwan's ice cream at Grandma Robbie's and apparently this still exists.  Groceries delivered to my door? Sign me up.

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