Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-Day!

There has been crafting, crafting, and more crafting in our house this Valentine's season. It is a season, right?

Melted crayons were a great success. 

Are we photoshooting or crayon making?!

TADA! The finished product made it into the Valentine boxes this morning for all of Parker's friends.

Heart shaped browines drizzled with white chocolate and topped with sprinkles (once again, my sprinkle fetish is all loud and proud) were made for the teachers.

Cards were made for the grandparents.

Hi teeny tiny baby toes and itty bitty toddler hands!
Secret message Valentine's were a hit.

Write on white paper with a white crayon...

Then color over it with watercolors to reveal your message.

Or body paint.  Your choice.

Back away with the dish towel, woman.  My hands are obviously clean.

Heart hands cooperated during craft time but didn't feel like cooperating during picture rotation time. 

The madness was capped off with a photoshoot.


So there you have it.  Tonight we will dine on a heart shaped pizza, guzzle sparkling apple juice so Parker can partake, and open our gifts from cupid. 

Happy love day, all!

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