Monday, July 25, 2011

What Goes Up Must Come Down

I am on a mission. To find a helmet and fluffy body suit, in baby size please. In the whole week and three days that the little miss has been mobile she has bumped her head a handful of times. It’s not the crawling that’s causing these bumps; it’s the fearless nature that Parker has when trying to climb up everything that she can now move to. I’m there with my hands around her to catch her falls, but sometimes she surprises us and falls forward when we thought it wasn’t possible. Like yesterday she was standing up playing on her musical table and BAM, face in the table. Sigh. Hence the need for protective baby gear. And perhaps a bubble.

It’s funny seeing the things that spark Parker’s interest. Anything new must be touched. I swear the electrical outlets send out some sort of signal that can only be picked up by babies, begging and pleading to be touched. Same thing with DVDs, cords, the cable box…Why I’ve bought loads of baby toys when all Parker wanted was to play with the Old School DVD case I’m not sure ;) We’ll be baby proofing asap.

I feel like Parker is going to be walking so soon. Every chance she has to pull herself up to standing she takes it. It will be so fun to have her running around, but for now I really enjoy seeing her crawl. The huge smile she gets on her face when Sydney’s back is turned, unaware of the 20lbs of curious, hair grabbing cuteness scooting her way. How excited she gets when she makes it to whatever has got her eye. You can tell how proud Parker is of herself.

I’m sure once walking starts we’re going to have even more bumps. It seems to be inevitable, but I’ll do my best to keep them to a minimum!