Monday, July 18, 2011

We've Got a Crawler!

My little girl is now on the move! This past Friday, two days before Parker’s nine month birthday, she decided that she had enough with not being mobile. She was going to crawl and she was going to do it know! We’ve had weeks and weeks of hands and knees rocking and little itty bitty crawls, but now she is really on the go. Imagine all the fun that I had this weekend with her. I would put toys across the room from Parker, her eyes would light up when she saw them, and then she would start crawling. I literally cried. I felt so proud for Parker and a little sad at the same time that she is getting so big.

Parker was getting so frustrated with not being able to crawl and I didn’t force it. If she was on her belly and started fussing I pulled her up to sitting. Or, more recently, Parker has mastered going from belly/hands and knees to sitting so she can do it all herself. Just like everything else with Parker…she decides when she wants to do something and won’t have it any other way!

I was enticing Parker with toys in an attempt to get her to crawl towards me, though she got distracted by the bookshelf ;)

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